Monday, 21 July 2008

Hey it's Monday!!

1. Today I was trying really hard to concentrate in the assembly. I could hardly open my eyes...hehe. Anyway I realise this medication am taking for leg pain is making me feel drowsy in
the mornings. The doctor advised me to take it only before going to bed but the effects seem to linger till the next morning. This isn't the first time I felt really sleepy. Maybe I should take it earlier say 8 p.m. instead of right before bed time.

2. Today too I learnt to say 'no' to a friend. Friends can be tough on you sometimes. They assume you are free and have all the time in the world to do things for them even at the eleventh hour! They assume you can do everything because you are a gc. Maybe they forget that it takes time and effort to prepare something - things don't just drop from the sky. You spend hours to research and prepare ok.

3. A juicy story- A gc friend of mine once related how he, after all the work he had done for his school, district, jpn, kpm and what not was never awarded the ssb or apc as it is known now. When it came to work he was first in line but when it came to the award, he was conveniently forgotten! Somehow all his contributions were not considered by the school despite the fact that a gc is expected to not only contribute in school but also at other levels. The very fact that he was able to contribute other than to his school alone showed his capabilities. To add insult to injury, his hm remarked that he already had a fat salary... (this had to be a new unwritten criterion for the apc!). Things got worse when his wife too was not given the apc because her husband was a gc!! It's sort of unbelieveable this story but this was what he related to me. However, he took it so well thinking that God did it for a reason (although I could sense the dissapointment in his face) and true enough, God was most kind. He became a super teacher. I guess his disappointment was worth it as God really had something planned for him. I was happy for him when he was awarded the super teacher. He truly deserved it!
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