Thursday 9 July 2020

HIP Mentor Programme with SMK Taman Selesa Jaya 2, JB: Asychronous or Synchronous?

Date: 8 JULY 2020, 11 a.m.

1. Dr Sharmini A/P Suppiah (ELTC)
2. Pn Rahmah Hj Sayuti (Mentor)
3. Ustadz Hasmadi (GPK KOKO)
3. Pn Nurul Izyana (HOP)
4. Pn Mazlindawati (HIP Coordinator)
5. En Hakim, En Arif, Cik Ong, Pn Kamariah (English Teachers) 

Had a fruitful meeting with the teachers of SMK Taman Selesa Jaya 2 Johor Bahru. The HIP plan was presented clearly and they are doable online programmes. Thanks to Nurul. (Soon Pn Mazlindawati will take over) 

The ELTC would like to focus on online programmes (wether asychonous or synchronous) considering the MCO.  SMK Taman Selesa will be organising three asynchronous activities from July- September. One of the activities will be a short video based on themes from the syllabus (contest) , another is an online vocabulary activity (Wordshake) and the 3rd is poster making. All these activities are asynchronous in nature as it is quite challenging to have synchronous activities for the moment due to social distancing and also available facilities. I look forward to sharing outdoor activities such as treasure hunt but thus far physical contact is discouraged. Would love to share the activities I've done with my students. 

Despite the occasional bad line, I am satisfied with the discussion and will follow-up with the teachers. Two points I mentioned were impact of activity and involvement. Teachers were encouraged to involve as many students as possible so as to have an impact. Additionally, the activities must meet the following aims:

  • to create an English Language Immersive environment
  • to encourage fun learning activities
  • to increase confidence in using English in the school community

Thank you to Dr Sharmini, Ustadz Hasmadi for the support and to Nurul and the gang. Let's hope for a successful educational adventure together!

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

Monday 6 July 2020

Meeting 1 with SK Bandar Tenggara (2)- HIP Mentor Programme

20 mins before the Googlemeet I discovered it was a primary school that I'm mentoring! Lesson learnt - read carefully 😃 I was mentally prepared for a secondary school and had some slides too for sharing but due to technical glitches I wasn't able to present. Will share it here. This was a project I carried out with my students using a free app in 2009- Digital Notebook. 

Anyway, Arif (the Head of Panel) was prepared with the agenda so we were on track. This school has 861 students and 10 English teachers. Most of them were online just now. Dr. Sharmini A/P Suppiah (ELTC) and Pn Rokiah Ahmad (JPNJ) joined us in the session.

Early technical glitches such as unclear audio on my side otherwise I think it was a good start.  Looking forward to the next meeting where we discuss the implementation of the programmes. Thanks to Dr. Sharmini, En Hazanarif, Pn Rokiah and the English Panel of SK Bandar Tenggara (2).