Monday, 17 October 2016

Dancing in the Rain

The school is abuzz with our nomination for cluster school! Unusually busy. For what it's worth (heard there isn't much money in it now), we are doing our best to prepare for the verification process this week. This week? Yes, you read right. English has been chosen as the niche area. Everyone in the panel is trying to take it positively and after two weeks of stress, things have acquiesed and more smiles than glum faces are emerging :) They are not to blame. Who wants extra work?

What irked me most was the manner in which the news (the change from Mathematics to English) was conveyed to us. It was very HEARTLESS (I'm trying to choose a kinder word but couldn't find any) Would have been kinder to call all of us in the English Panel to explain the change first before dropping the bomb in the official telegram. Sheer lack of common sense especially when all the while it had been another subject. It was a Friday morning that those 'Gegar Vaganza' kind of posters found their way into the official telegram group and what ensued was very disappointing. There was silence after the team briefing in SMSJ followed by a wishy washy briefing a day later.

Am not going to be apologetic like I did before, blaming myself for English to be chosen. If others feel that way, too bad. What will I be doing? I will be dancing in the rain!

Am still doing things I did 25 years ago...sob sob sob

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH