Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dinner Treat for Perfect Score Club, Prime city Hotel, Kluang

Top scorers from Form 3 and 5 were feted with a sumptious spread in Prime City Hotel, Kluang last night. The food was great but I missed the 'cendol'! Later, I ferried Hidir, Din, Sulaiman and Ummu back to school for another do- Tuanku Hisamudin's House dinner. Ummu unexpectedly vomitted in the car so I drove her straight to her hostel to get a change of clothes. Poor girl! Rain messed things up a little- the tables and chairs at Dataran Kristal were all wet. However, well-done to the Form 4's for organising this for the seniors. Good job! I had a teriible headache and didn't stay long.I heard the beriani was good.

The Thinking Teacher

Are You Game? Language Games in the ESL Classroom

It's good to be back blogging! After a month's hiatus here's another story I'd like to share. In the recent 5th JELTA conference,  I shared some practical, no-fuss, no-preparation language games using mainly the whiteboard with participants. Mind you, this was my first workshop (1 hour). Lazy me always preferred papers (30 minutes :)) From the picts., I think you can conclude that we had a great time and it was a full house too. Thanks so much for coming to my session! Befriended many young teachers such as Kasmayuhanis from JB. There were quite a few from public schools too. What is knowledge if not shared :) Alhamdulillah...

sporting participants having a go!

The Thinking Teacher

All the best Sasem's first batch of SPM candidates!

All the best to 189 candidates in our very first SPM! Despite the problems and upsets, we have faith in you. Make us proud Sasemians! And may I add make me proud 5 Bukhari and 5 Syafie!

Such nice thoughts from their juniours :) Brilliant idea!

The Thinking Teacher