Sunday, 29 April 2012

Keep writing! 4 Bukhari and 4 Syafie Journals

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the journal entries from 4 Bukhari and 4 Syafie.  As a matter of fact, some of the boys (Azam, Ikhwan, Daniel) and the girls (Izzati, Farzana and many more) really surprised me at what they are capable of doing. Through the journals I get to know my students better and therefore able to develop rapport with them although convincing others to believe in journal-writing may not be an easy task. Over the years, I've been promoting the many benefits of journal-writing to many teachers but sadly, not many believe in the power of journals. Granted, we have many constraints but this is entirely the learners doing all the work so it must be good.  All  teachers need to do is check them once in a while and reward them. I wish my teachers had asked me to keep a journal in my school days. I would have shared a lot of things- my feelings, reflections, frustrations, ideas etc. The best thing about journal-writing is my students are continuously using English even outside the classroom! Keep up the good work :)

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Congrats! Iwana (2 Qayyim)

Iwana Haidah Mohd Hamdan from 2 Qayyim made SASEM proud by winning 4th place in the recently concluded District Level Public-Speaking Competition in SMK Jalan Mengkibol, Kluang. Despite this being her first attempt and being only in Form 2, she managed to get a placing from a total of 26 participating schools. I had two auditions prior to the competition to make sure I made the right decision. And I know she will come back stronger next year :) Congrats!

The title of my speech today is...

congrats!! proud of you!

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MBMMBI Pedagogy Course- Kluang district

Date: 23-27th April 2012
Venue: SMK Sri Lalang, Kluang

A total of 20 English teachers from Kluang district were selected to attend the next phase of Pedagogy Course under the MBMMBI programme.I was tasked to handle the Listening-Speaking slots with Sham from SMK Jalan Kota. I saw We successfully conducted the course. This time around, it was held for 5 days and 3 days respectively. Participants were exposed to listening and speaking, reading and writing skills following the modules built by IPGM. I saw it as an opportunity to meet young teachers who were eager to learn and put their training to practice and also to 'redeem' myself after what happened last year! Thanks to PPD KLuang (Hj Mahyudin Salim) for selecting me to train.

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Automated scoring algorithms?

How do you like your essays to be scored by machines teachers? Will the machines give a reliable score? Can a machine give feedback for the written piece? What about teachers' accountability?

These are but some questions I have in mind.  Man or machine? Read here: Man vrs Machine

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First In-house training, 14 April 2012

Date: 14 April 2012 (Saturday)
Venue: Meeting Room, SASEM

with students...Pn Ashah in her element...

SASEM had a great LDP today; this being our first for the year. Our guest speaker was none other than Pn Ashah Samah, former director of BPSBPSK. As the coordinator, I had been planning for the in-house since February and I was constantly in touch with Pn Ashah to fix a date as she has a busy schedule. It was great to see her again; the last being 2008 when she evaluated me for my dg52 application. Our guest speaker talked on 'Etika keguruan', 'Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Berkesan' and 'Sistem Fail'. Nothing beats experience as she skillfully delivered lots of meaningful input. The input, I'm confident, will be far-reaching particularly to the young teachers. The most unforgettable part was the analogy of the chicken (Kojar Ayam).  Despite having us in stitches, the message was driven home- that teaching is a skill and teachers must master this skill and that learning from experienced teachers is one of the ways. What inspired me most was her energy; she could carry on for three and a half hours!

show em what sbp students can do!

Pn Ashah also gave a two-hour motivational talk for the Form 4's in the hall on Friday night. I hope the students will be inspired to achieve the goal she has set for SASEM which is a GPS of 0.8!! Phew!! What a hill to climb :)

SASEM would like to thank her for her inspiring input and hopes to call her back soon. Many thanks to the LDP committee for a job well-done: Rohasni, Siti Sarah, Mariana, Salwa, Sazali, Muhammed, Aisha, Fariha. A special thanks to Jannah (secretary) for  her untiring efforts :)

fazli posing a question

great input..

experience is the best teacher! Pn Ashah in action

thanks so much madam...come again!

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

21st MELTA International Conference

Hope to see you in MELTA conference this May! I will be presenting a paper on digital writing, a classroom project I conducted with two classes in my former school. Incidentally this will my third MELTA and my 9th international presentation. Some time back I posted on why continuous professional development (CPD) is important to me and how I've grown through it.  This is an opportunity to make many new friends and  learn innovative teaching ideas  :)

(courtesy of

28-29 May 2012 . Venue: Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

7-8 June 2012. Venue: Four Points by Sheraton Kuching 

Reframing English Language Education:
New Environments, New Needs, New Solutions

The goal of the 21st MELTA International Conference is to deliberate on the need to construct new epistemologies and frameworks for English language education by taking into cognisance the changing nature of the English language, its varying purpose and use, the value ascribed to English by individuals and communities and its role in shaping transnational communication. The thought that shapes the focus of the conference is the idea that teaching and learning goals should target not only the development of linguistic knowledge but also the nurturing of appropriate learning abilities and the competencies to think and function independently framed by the learners’ expanding awareness of identity, culture and the needs of society – national and global.


We invite papers, workshops, panel discussions, poster presentations and demonstrations in the area of English language education that engage with the issues of reframing:

·         teaching of reading, writing listening
          and speaking
·         methodologies
·         assessment and evaluation
·         teacher education
·         language arts and literature
·         curriculum
·         linguistics and language awareness

·         content and literacies
·         modes of teaching and learning
·         special education needs
·         programmes and design

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