Sunday, 25 January 2009

I co-wrote this book with a colleague in 2007 and currently using it with my students. You can look at a unit of the book in the sidebar. Publishers don't pay you much for workbooks but to have something published with your name on a book is just great, especially if you're a GC! Hope to share other things I've written in future.

Exercise Everyone!

Been feeling sluggish lately. Got to move that body and exercise. This morning at 7.30 Rasyad and I went up Gunung Lambak (an eco-resort about 7 km from where I stay) Not to the top dear..think it was just above 1100 metres. I used to go half-way and exit via the chalets but not now hehe..wait till i get back to the old routine.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends and students. May the year bring you joy and happiness!! Here's what one website said about the year of the ox:

On the Western calendar, the start of the New Year falls on Monday, January 26, 2009 — The Year of the Ox. If you were born in 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 or 1997 - you were born under the sign of the ox. Like the ox, you are one of the most patient signs in the Chinese zodiac, but when opposed your fierce temper comes to the fore — and woe to anyone who crosses you! For the ox in 2009, any recent setbacks or obstacles can be overcome, so look forward to a year in which to really shine, either personally or professionally. Famous people born in the Year Of The Ox? They include President Barack Obama, actor George Clooney, boxer Oscar De La Hoya, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai, and soccer star Wayne Rooney.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Happy 55th Birthday!

Today, we cooked up a surprise for Madam Tan, our principal. It was all done in five minutes during the house practice session. Anand, Chin, and I discussed the plan. Yours truly was responsible for making her come to the staffroom during recess and had a juicy story all planned. Madam Tan was visibly surprised and happy. I would like to take this opportunity to wish her Happy Birthday, may her life be filled with happiness and success!


What did I tell yer? Yellow House won the x- country today. Congrats to all of them and to Pn Monalisa (with vest), the house mistress and house teachers. You did great girls. Don't rest on your laurels now, go for the overall title. Reminds me of Suria, my old house in SMSJ. We used to have great runners such as Beti Aing, Khairul Annuar, Shahriman and our 4 x400m quartet was always feared! I used to run with the girls in the cross-country practice and will never forget my pacemaker, Alisa Ibrahim. Well-done girls!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Glorious Cross-country is back!

Remember how you used to hate the cross-country? Well, it's back and will remain for as long as it can in schools. Reminds me of the good ole days when I ran with the students and my pacemaker was Alisa Ibrahim of Suria. Suria used to be champions and envied by all the other houses. Well, am in Yellow house too in my present school. (Wonder when these names will change! Sounds very primaryish right? wink wink). Anyway, it got to a good start and everyone was motivated. You can do it Yellow House!!
Top pict: Ready to go!
2nd Pict from top: From left- Mona (Yellow House Tai Pan) , Chew, yours truly,Tini, Saro, Salbiah, Fazreena (Counselor) and Anand (our Sports Coordinator)
3rd Pict from top : WINNING LEGS EVERYONE!!
Bottom Pict: Yellow House Captain, Chui Lim and Mona in action. To quote Mr Foo "You can't go down anymore girls. You have to go up! (Yellow House was unfotunately last last year hehe)

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Salam and hi,
I'm in the midst of brainstorming a book with a friend. We came up with some very original ideas. I'm hoping I can produce something this year despite the hectic beginning of 2009. I'm also using the workbook I co-wrote in 2007 with all my Form 4 classes. The book had undergone 30% change as required by the publisher. Let's hope for a productive year ahead :).Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

PMR 2008

"Success is a journey not a destination"
Congratulations to all 2008 PMR candidates, the principal (Mdm Tan) and teachers! SMK Canossian Convent, Kluang received the top day school award in the state of Johor for the day school category recently from the JPN director , Tn Hj Sufaat bin Tumin.
School Performance
  • GPS :1.93
  • Perfect Scores: 34 candidates
  • 5 subjects scored 100%
English Language
Best ever result thus far!
  • 100% passes (first time)
  • GPS: 1.88
Well-done to Forms 1-3 teachers and the panel as a whole.
May 2009 bring even greater success!