Thursday, 23 November 2017


Happy holidays all! 
A much deserved holiday for all of us. 
Come back rejuvenated o.k.

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Hi peeps! You can bookmark this conference in case you're planning for professional development. I'm not sure if the conference chair, Professor Jayakaran Mukundan (UPM) is doing a rebranding of MICELT, but previous conferences have never been disappointing. You'll be spoilt for choices as to which paper/workshop to attend. And if you're thinking of spreading your wings and adding a colourful facet to your teaching repertoire, why not present something? Go for it teachers! I hope to see you there too. For more details click on the image.

 The first ASEAN-ELT CONFERENCE 2018 in Melaka

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The school holidays are coming!

Yeaayy! A week more before the holidays! It's been a long year and we know we all look forward to the holidays. (that's why I'll never be a SISC + officer, I love my hols too much!) Am clearing up clutter and also managed to print all my DSKP and scheme of work for 2018. Managed to sort out two short modules for Form 5 next year too and my resource files. Thanks so much to the guys for organising games and activities for the lower secondary classes 🙋 This means I have some free time to get some things sorted out for the new term in 2018. 

What are your plans for the hols? I may take a short trip to Jogjakarta or India depending. Anyway, here's wishing you happy hols peeps! This will be my last post before the holidays. See you again in 2018! Cheers

Be good. Stay safe 😍

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

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Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

It suddenly feels lonely up here...

Today I lost two GC friends. Something I was totally not ready for. Why oh why didn't they apply for the next level? Have they lost their enthusiasm? Do they need a bit of power in school? (school is all about  power play) I think not! Are they tired of applying? The documentation, the observation, the comments, the expectations, the stress etc. can drive you nuts. Probably the time has come for them to 'tukar angin' and I don't blame them at all but to be honest something feels really sad inside.

Of course I'm happy that they have been promoted now that they have reached time-based. They too deserve the promotion. Why apply for the next level when you can avoid pressure and stress? It makes a lot of sense doesn't it?  However, I think the ministry is making a big mistake. Granted the scheme is still around (a smaller scale) but there are not many who want to apply now. A lot of the quota is now given to SISC +.  And with time-based, you can just sit and do the routine and get promoted. It doesn't encourage teachers to improve and excel. It doesn't encourage teachers to go the extra mile. And we need good teachers in the classrooms!

What a shame that there are less GCs now. With the dwindling number, how are we expected to perform like before? We practically lost our networking and it's hard to run the Majlis Guru Cemerlang now. I know some still plod on. The GC scheme produced the best teachers. Those who had never done Action Research before started learning about it and making it part of their culture. Some went on to win awards for their research and shared at international conferences. This is just one small example but it is by no means a small feat for a school teacher. Then there are those who upgrade themselves continuously to become the best subject matter experts in the classroom and those who became trainers, writers, presenters etc. (many were already accomplished teachers even before they became a GC). Upon becoming a GC, they realised the importance of CPD and they knew they had to keep improving to live up to their new position and expectations from others. 

No matter what some principals, teachers, inspectorates and other parties say about GCs, those who really deserve the post far outweigh those who don't. Yes, there are some bad apples who gave the scheme a bad name, but many went out of their way to give their best at the district, state, national and international levels. If only we can be more supportive and less envious. 

Don't forget that after our appointments, we were not given continuous training. We were expected to train and to never say "No" to any task given. Seriously I lost count of the number of modules and training I had conducted. I gave it all I got while juggling school work at the same time. We were expected to perform at all times and the expectations drove some up the wall. I've heard of those who fell ill due to stress. Some opted for early retirement. When the GC scheme started, they were transferred to under performing schools only to be met with a lot of hostility. How were they supposed to performed? Here comes a GC and we expect him/her to change the results overnight! One GC in Kuala Lumpur nearly lost her mind. I pray she is well. Thank God during my time, the ministry decided to let us stay in our current schools.

What a shame that some quarters find it hard to accept that a mere teacher can go on a fast track  up to the Special Grade C. And it is no secret that many were given GCs nearing their next promotion. One even told me her increment after becoming a GC DG48 was a mere RM36.00! 

It's sad when a principal remarked in one ceremony attended by my GC friend (Sejarah), "Beri dia orang kenaikan gaji aje tapi elaun jangan bagi. Elaun keraian tu nanti dia orang makan sendiri." The principal later apologised to my friend when she realised that a GC was sitting at the same table in the awards ceremony! Another principal said to a GC, "Cikgu jaga Matematik saja, saya jaga satu sekolah." I can tell you lots of similar stories since I became a GC but I'll save them for later. But you know what is the saddest thing? The saddest thing is when the very people who evaluated GCs look down on them and inevitably the scheme. It's a shame that we talk about upgrading teachers and the teaching profession (memartabatkan profesion keguruan) when people who are entrusted with the job question whether teachers deserve it. 

To all GCs out there, don't let anything put you down. Give and share MORE despite the challenges and remember, do it sincerely not because you want praise and recognition. 

Don't forget our motto: KECEMERLANGAN BERTERUSAN!

I lost two GC friends suddenly feels lonely up here...😭

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH