Sunday, 15 September 2013

Thanks to JELTA 2013!

Alhamdulillah...recipients of the Excellent Teachers Award in the on-going 5th JELTA conference in M-Suites Johor Bahru. From left: Mr Vincent D' Silva (Organising Chairman), Datuk Mary Yap Kain Chin (Deputy Education Minister 1), Wan Rozana, Mr Ang Tauk Khoon, Mr Kanagalingam, Pn Adibah Khalid and yours truly :)

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ICELL 2013 Language Conference

 Here's a new conference for all English teachers. Click on the link for further details.


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Saturday, 14 September 2013

'Solat Hajat' Programme in SASEM

Date: 13th September 2013
Venue: Sasem, Kluang

Thanks to the committee members for a successful programme and to parents for making time for this programme. May Allah bless all our efforts and bless SASEM's first PMR and SPM candidates. I promised Afiq that I will post their pict so there you go! Enjoy your weekend boys :)

Solat Hajat right, jejaka jejaka hensem sasem lols!! From left: Afiq, Ikhwan and Azam

The Thinking Teacher

Teacher's Award- JELTA 2013, M Suites Johor Bahru

Meeting Dato Mary Yap after so many years was indescribable! I thought she would not recognise me but as I went up the stage she said. "We have met haven't we?" She was with us in MTDP (Malaysian Trainer Development Programme) years ago. MTDP was the second biggest break in my career. The first was writing Teaching Files for the Class Reader Programme with Schools Division under Tn Hj Ali Ghani ( the officer in charge at the time) twice in 1994 and 1995. MTDP trained me TOT and we became Master Trainers. The Johor team consisted of Mr Senevahsan Naidu (first English GC in Johor), Pn Yah Awang Nik (lecturer MPTI), Pn Melina Wong (Principal, retired) and me. We trained hundreds of teachers in the state and it was an enriching experience. Pn Ruhani (Bahagian Pendidikan Guru), the then desk officer was the brainchild of this programme. 30 of us all over the nation (15 from teacher training colleges and 15 from schools) were shortlisted to further our studies (Masters Degree) in British Top Universities in 1997 and I was sent to the University of Birmingham. I enjoyed the one year stint so much that I completed my dissertation by August and returned home to be with my daughter who was then sitting for the UPSR! Dr Susan Hunston (my supervisor) wrote a wonderful report and that year I was awarded the SSB. Alhamdulillah...

Coming back to JELTA, Dato was a star in the conference. Protocol aside, she displayed no airs and warmly accepted personal photos with her. She exuded genuine warmth and humility and I believe this is due to her teaching background. Although the MC forgot to announce my name (phew!), a committee member saved the situation :) I'd like to thank JELTA, particularly the organising chairman, Mr Vincent D Silva for remembering us teachers who have contributed to the state. And congrats to my friends and fellow recipients: Mr Ang Tauk Khoon (former English Resource Personnel/JU and currently principal), Rozana (Resource Personnel/JU), Mr Kanalingam (Language Officer, PPD Segamat) and Pn Adibah (now Headmaster). We have indeed come a long way!

My workshop entitled "Are You Game?: Injecting Fun in the English Classroom" is scheduled at 12.15-1.45p.m. on Monday (that's right, Malaysia Day) See you there!

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