Salam Madamme,
I really enjoy reading your blog and all this while i have been your silent reader. As an inexperienced teacher (posted last year in january) i have a lot to ask you. I am teaching in one of SBPs in Pahang. This year, i have to teach SPM level and english is the killing subject for this school. I am teaching 2 classes - the creme and the last class. My concern is on how to let my students (majority sit in B level) to buck up and score A+
I am thinking of doing extra classes with them. The main concern is what are the contents of my extra class. How to go through extra class with them.
My next concern is my last class. Should i create a module for them where i go through all the grammar items? I am thinking of compiling numbers of rational cloze, grammar exercises and reading comprehension texts. For writing, should i supply them with samples of good essays and let them identify useful phrases to be used. Later let them write a similar one?
I keep on thinking and haven't started on anything for the module. Oh, i just sat for anxiety test and YES my anxiety level is to its max! :D