Friday, 15 April 2016

Resources for Poem: What has happened to Lulu?

Here are some links I found on the Form 5 poem "What has happened to Lulu?"

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Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

Saturday, 9 April 2016

21st Century Learning tools

Finally got time to do these an effort to keep up with 21st century learning. After this will be the laminating process and into the classroom in sha Allah! 

You can click here for the files. 

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Thanks Jenny Ho for sharing this :)

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Congrats to the 10 panels that successfully carried out Lesson Study and Teacher Sharings in Cycle 1! In Cycle 1 (Jan- March) the teachers really scored big because a total of 10 panels completed their Lesson Study. Besides LS, some panels also managed to do Video Critique and Teacher Sharings. Although there is still some fine-tuning that needs to be done with LS, the fact that the teachers had managed to carry it out is an achievement in itself.

Well-done teachers! Look out for PLC 4 where we have a mass session in which panels can share their experience in carrying out LS.  Sasem awesome!

I've been busy school and I'm happy to do what I'm supposed to be doing for my students and teachers :)

Happy teaching!

Additional Maths






Teacher sharing: using the SMARTBOARD by elective subjects

Pendidikan Agama Islam

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

Visit by Sakura (SM Sains Kucing Utara)

I just have to blog today after such a long break! First up, SAKURA visited us last week, precisely on the 6th April. SAKURA is as 'young' as my school but their achievements are truly inspiring. At such a tender age, the school has already shot up to no.8 in the SBP rankings. It is we who should be bench marking them and learning from them! Anyway, I was tasked to share our PLC programme and I hope I didn't disappoint anyone :) Thank you for visiting us and we hope to emulate you!

One for the album!

Yours truly, my principal on my right and on far right Dr Norisah, principal of SAKURA

The briefing...

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH