Sunday, 26 May 2013

36 hours to a journey of the soul...

Dallah Taibah Hotel Medina / Madinah
Dallah Taibah Medina
Approximately 36 hours from now I shall be on Saudi Airlines en route to Madinah Al Munawarrah for the pilgrimage that I had been waiting for. It was ten years ago that I stepped foot in Madinah and Mecca for haj...and finally I'm returning to perform the Umrah. It's amazing how God has planned things for you. I had the means to return in 2005 but it was not meant to be. Having the means to go does not guarantee that you will be invited. Only Allah knows when is the best time for you to receive His invitation. 

The act of Umrah is known to cleanse one’s soul from past committed sins. It is advised to do Umrah more than once in your lifetime so that it can act as a cleansing of the sins from the last time one performs Umrah. Abu Hurairah (R) narrates that the Prophet(S) said, ‘One Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and another Umrah'.  (Bukhari, Muslim)

My greatest hope is for me husband and I to be healthy so we can perform the umrah without major problems. I hope to be able to pray in Raudhah, which is one of the gardens in heaven. The distance from Dallah Taibah Hotel to the mosque is about 80 metres. I hope to make full use of the distance.

After four days in Madinah we will leave for Mecca and the group will be staying at Al Ghufran Hotel which is approximately 90 metres to King Abdul Aziz' entrance. Although dear hubby is affected by gout now and had only recovered from fever yesterday, I hope he can lead me in the umrah rituals especially the tawaf as he has the advantage of being tall. The last time we performed the tawaf during our haj, I felt so safe amidst the millions of people because he was right behind me and protected me from the sometimes rough crowd! Whatever Allah has in store for me, I hope to come home after the umrah a better Muslimah, a better person.   

The Holy Kaaba
I humbly seek forgiveness for all my wrongdoings and shortcomings from my family, friends and students (especially to 5 Bukhari and 5 Syafie,  to whom I have been pretty hard lately only because I wanted them to realise their full potential). This umrah is a journey of the soul and its significance lies in cleansing the soul. May this umrah be accepted (mabrur) and will not be my last.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: 
"The performers of Hajj and Umrah are deputations of Allah (SWT). If they call Him, He answers them and if they seek His forgiveness, He forgives them.

The Thinking Teacher

Teacher's Day Dinner by the fifth formers

Date: 18th May 2013
Venue: Khalifah Hall, SASEM

A million thanks to all the fifth formers for the special dinner to celebrate Teacher's Day. The food was great and the waiter service was first rate. I wish more teachers had attended though and that this was not held in the midst of the mid-year exam :) Proud to see Idayu and Afiq performing as well as Tarmizi. Well-done to all!

The Thinking Teacher

Teacher's Day in SASEM: 16th May 2013

An awesome Teacher's day celebration despite the gloomy outlook! I must admit I was really happy on this day. Thanks to the organising committee. However, perhaps a little coordination would have prevented some delays in the programmes. Still, a day to remember :) 

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In the STAR today!

Thanks to Nithya Sidhhu for mentioning me in the STAR today!

Here's the link to the STAR: Bidding adieu

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Thank you!

Thanks all for the 1.37 million page views! Will b posting my latest soon ;)

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