Thursday, 8 August 2019



Dear all,

This is my last post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my blog all these years, 11 years to be exact! Not many can boast of having consistently blogged for 11 wonderful years. I am very proud that has reached 2 million page views. Thanks to all of you.

It was 11 years (2008) ago that I started blogging. Learnt everything from scratch with the help of Uncle Google :) I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing ideas with all of you out there. I hope many have benefited from this blog. I know I have many silent readers who are too shy to reveal themselves. This blog was always about giving you the rod and not the fish. It was about sharing ideas and possibilities, not ready-made lesson plans, handouts and others. It is important for teachers to think about their teaching and how best to improve their skills and knowledge. Once we stop thinking about we do in the classroom, we fizzle out and lose our motivation. I started from zero too and have grown from the sharings of other teachers. 

I happily retired in January 2019 and am now venturing into things I never had the opportunity to do. It's a tough decision to finally end this blog as blogging is my passion. I will miss sharing with all of you.  As educators, always be willing to share simply because we become better teachers by sharing. Gone are the days where knowledge is hoarded and one feels “powerful” by having that knowledge. The world has become smaller and knowledge is available by the push of a button.

With the ever-growing challenges in education, stay positive teachers and you will be fine. Give your best always. We owe it to the children. Insha Allah you will be richly rewarded.

As they say, every good thing comes to an end. I thank you for all your support, emails, messages and comments. I can only pray that this little work I've done will be accepted as charity (jariah
Feel free to use any material you may find useful here.


All the best in your career. 
Keep me in you prayers in sha Allah...and keep that passion burning!

Rahmah Hj Sayuti
Guru Cemerlang Bahasa Inggeris (Gred Khas C)