Sunday, 27 December 2015

Strategic Planning and Professional Learning Community

Apologies to those who sent messages. I've not been able to fix broken links or respond to your questions due to other work that needs to be done urgently. Today I hope to complete all the necessary docs for our first meeting tomorrow. The ppt. for my briefing tomorrow is also still not done. Spent the whole holidays editing Strategic Planning (2016-2018) and  a lot of time waiting for those who went for holidays and not sticking to the deadline! I'd like my responsibilities to be completed and done well although nowadays nobody is interested in doing the right thing anymore. Heard of "asal buat" (as long as it's done)? Yes, for documentation purposes, for visits by the inspectorates and officers, to impress...sigh. It's sad what education is turning into. A lot of time is spent on planning but not monitoring.

We need school leaders who are visionary and who walk the talk. We also need school leaders who get their hands dirty coaching and mentoring teachers in school. It's not enough to say we will focus on the process next year and not the outcome. You mean, it took you a whole year to realise that? And I seriously think middle management needs to MOVE and LEAD. It's very stagnant and sluggish! And for as long as I can remember, none of the middle managers gave any professional input to teachers. Such a shame with the majority of teachers being young teachers.

Well, I'm hoping for the best in 2016. Am hoping 2016 will be a wonderful year for me and you my dear blog readers where we are blessed with good health and happiness!

Read teachers! Please read in order to understand. 

Professional Walk for the admin

PLC forms and schedule...

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Still work to be done!

School reopens in two weeks aiyayai! Been enjoying the hols so much. Am still editing the strategic plans sent by all sectors. Alhamdulillah manged to get the Form 1 scheme of work done and a module for Form 1. But I must admit this module is more of a compilation...taking all the shortcuts needed :) 
May 2016 be a great year and a year of good health! Ameen.

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Once Upon a Conference...ICELT 2015

After a three-year hiatus, I decided to present in TEFLIN Bali last September followed by ICELT in Equatorial Hotel, Melaka. The turnout was surprising really (full house) given my paper's title. But seriously, I really had to drag my feet to the conference this time around only deciding to pay the fees at the very last minute. I was self-sponsored as usual which wasn't really a problem. The problem was getting excited about it I used to. Maybe it was the end of the year? Maybe it was because I've presented here before? Anyway I was there early on the first day of the conference.

For first timers, their enthusiasm was expected, many of whom were sponsored by their institutions. It was a pleasure to see many young teachers in the conference. However, by the end of the first day, I was still feeling awkward and less than enthusiastic. The first parallel session I attended was Dr Abdullah Nawi's from UTM. We crossed path when he was an English teacher in Bandar Tenggara but he is a Dr. now, having completed his PHD in Drama in New Zealand and a senior lecturer  from the business card he gave me. It's good to know many teacher friends have moved up the academic ladder. His paper was on how to reenact the (boring) textbooks we have in school. I must say it was a novel idea getting students to role-play the characters/parts from reading texts in the textbook. Variety is the spice of life after all and variety is what doesn't kill our students in class haha! However, as much as I'd like to embrace drama techniques in my T n L, is there an easier way to do this? For people like me! Poor old me would be huffing and puffing more than Dr Abdulllah did in his role-play! He definitely had that acting ability which I think is a bonus. Another talented person who came to mind almost immediately as I was watching Dr Abdullah is Ahmad Adnan, an old friend who is now teaching in SMK Dato Hj Hassan Yunos, Renggam. He would love this idea of turning the textbook into drama! It will be his cup of tea!

I have no complaints about the professionals- the invited speakers. They were in their element. Alan Maley was as always in his best and I always like his plenary because he makes me think about what it is to be a teacher although he is somewhat too familiar a figure in ICELT and MICELT. He is always well-researched and profoundly knowledgeable. Jan Blake was her usual self and the others too (too many to name) but somehow I wasn't really there. Between sessions I cursorily glanced at the books (although I did purchase more than ten books because they were very cheap!) and thought the booths were not very exciting this time around. I thought past conferences had many booths and great resource books to choose from. I miss the earlier MICELT conferences where I learned not only new knowledge but also how to present a paper, a workshop or a poster. Whatever happened to those presenters? They had a lot of substance and research rigour.

Jan Blake I think....

I decided to go to a few sessions by the local presenters- Mara teachers to be precise to learn what creative teaching they wanted to share. One title attracted me but surprisingly the presenter did not present a paper. It was merely a sharing on how to use "Google Slides" in her class. She even used the slides from Youtube to sort of sum up what Google slides could do. No question time, no research methods whatsoever. It made me think what a paper was supposed to be by conference standards. It wasn't a paper but rather a sharing of a teaching tool readily available online. Granted there's nothing wrong in sharing something that is not yours but to be given a medal for that is something else. I didn't bother to go to the other sessions. Perhaps they could have been given 10 mins each to showcase teaching and learning tools/activities as they did in ICELT 2010 in Ipoh. For a seasoned conference goer, I felt the standard has somewhat dropped. Previous ICELTs were much better and meatier. In contrast, the TEFLIN Bali conference I attended had a strong research rigour although it did not have the band from Melaka's Hard Rock Cafe for entertainment! I don't know. I just felt something was amiss in that parallel session.


Met Cynthia and her friends from Sabah :)

Perhaps I need this much needed end-of-year break to rejuvenate and bring back my enthusiasm. I was honest to Jenny (SISC + Perak and my co-writer) when I said that I'd  lost my drive. Jenny reassured me that it will come back. I truly hope it will!

Happy holidays peeps! Be good!

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Ace Your Literature Modules for Forms 1 and 4 Poems

Hi peeps! This blog certainly needs a major comeback on my part! Hope you've been good. Well, here's something I'd like to share (after getting PPD's permission of course) with you. May the modules ease your teaching and may Allah bless the team that built them. Ameen. You can go to "Modules" tab above and download. Yes, freebies are nice..just be honest enough to give credit to Kluang District English Panel or PPD Kluang o.k. Happy teaching :)

Form 4

Form 1

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Latest Edition for Teaching Writing

Here's a sharing of the latest edition of my book with Jenny Ho. It is not sold in bookshops though. To order, you can contact your local salesman. This book can be used in Forms 4 or 5 to help your students improve their writing skills.


 Happy Teaching!

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Young Readers Programme

Image result for readers images
credit: google images
Next year, in sha Allah I'm planning to start an extensive reading programme with the Form 1 students in my school. As teachers we all know the level of English these children display after graduating from primary 6. Down memory lane, I remember clearly those who couldn't pronounce the word "could" and "would" correctly. Instead of /kud/ and /wud/  it was /kuld/ and /wuld/. Took a while for me to defossilize that! Next year am thinking of a reading programme to improve the students' reading and vocabulary. If you guys have any idea where I can start, please do message or email ( 

I'm thinking of stories, newspapers... A4 paper which optimises both sides (passage and questions/activities). There is a lot of literature around on extensive reading but I need something simple and impactful and fun for perhaps a six-month programme or so. Can these children just do reading and vocabulary instead of OPS-English for example? They just have to read to do well in English really. Speaking is an important skill but given two groups doing OPS-English and another doing extensive reading, which do you think will improve their English at a faster rate? No study has been done on this I bet but it's worth thinking about. Teachers are in the dark as to the success of OPS-English in the first place. I think there needs to be sharing of information especially impacts of programmes involving teachers in schools. This information should not be exclusive to the researchers, ELTC and the stake holders. If something is successful or unsuccessful, share it. As one of the writers, I too would like to know the impact of the programme. Meanwhile, I will do some research on extensive reading and hope to carry it out next year :)

 Happy teaching!

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Kintamani and the 62nd Teflin Conference, Bali, Indonesia (14-16th September 2015)

Been postponing this post for a bit. Alhamdulillah I was in Bali for the 62nd TEFLIN conference to present my paper. My action research was on journaling in my classes. I must say though that ICELT or MELTA is more happening than this conference but the strength in TEFLIN was in the research rigour of the presenters. The presenters, although mostly Indonesians, showed a lot of rigour in research methodology. Missed Pak Willy Renandya's (National Institute of Education, Nan Yang Technological University, Singapore) plenary though due to a lack of ticket and so I settled for Dr Jayakaran's session. Dr Jaya was a witty as ever and had us in stitches and his students' videos were refreshing. As usual Dr Jaya will always touch on Malaysian textbooks :)

Of course I went sightseeing in Bali too. Would be silly not to take that opportunity. Went back to Kintamani- the food on the hilltop restaurant tasted the same but the crisp air and the view of Mount Batur was unforgettable. Never quite like the food to be honest but the view from the top was majestic. We prayed Zuhur in a nearby mosque and the cold water to perform the ablution reminded me of the winter days as a student in England.There's something about Kintamani that makes me want to come back again and again :)

Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to share in this conference.

Happy teaching!

Sanur Paradise Hotel, Bali


Barong Dance

Love Sunda food!

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Random thoughts: Muharram (Part 2)

Muharram is here- a new year and a new beginning! The second holiest month in the Islamic calendar is surely significant enough to make that hijra to become a better person or to do that (good) thing you've always been postponing.  The coming of Muharram will, I hope, renew my energy and enthusiasm. To be fair I've had some issues with health this year (spondylosis may be a common problem but speaking from experience, it's not something you would welcome) Remember the good days when you had good health and you walked into the classroom with that spring in you feet and that everything was possible? Time to start anew, to rejuvenate and to live life fully. May this holy month  bring all the good things in my life and yours :)


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

To help or not to help?

HRMIS is giving me problems tonight and so I've decided to blog instead. Felt a little sad today when a teacher whom I only got to know in one event where I was the invited speaker, contacted me and  asked  for a telephone interview. She is doing her Masters Degree and would like to find out more about a module I co-wrote for ElTC some time back. Mind you this isn't the first time I had been contacted by some teacher or researcher and it gets a  little too much sometimes. I refused politely but she had the audacity to ask me for another name! Don't get me wrong - I love to help anyone but I have been taken for granted too many a times! I have lost count of how many such incidents. 

On one occasion, a lady (whom I'm not acquainted with) emailed me and requested for a module which I immediately sent but goodness gracious me...not even a word of  'thank you'. It is so hard to say thank you for a favour done. On another occasion, a young teacher (whom I have not heard from for a very very long time) suddenly emailed and asked for materials to be emailed back to her. I would think twice about asking for materials from others, even from close friends. Even close friends may not want to share things with you sometimes and it's entirely their right.  O.k. fair enough, I've asked from some people I know but sometimes we exchanged something in return and sometimes they never sent me anything despite their promise. Please! Can we get rid of this bad habit of wanting freebies?  People spend a lot of time and effort to write/produce/create/compile/source for materials and you can't just walk in and say you want this and that! Let's be contributors and not users. Don't mean to offend anyone but if you were in my shoes, you would understand exactly how I feel.

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

"Program Kecemerlangan 4 Penjuru", Kluang District

Am I itching to blog? Yes, you can say that because it's been a loooong break. Now where do I begin...let's start with today. We had a "Program Kecemerlangan 4 Penjuru" today involving SASEM, SMK Kahang Timur and SMK Seri Sembrong. However, SMK Datuk Ibrahim Majid did not come today. Gosh! Three weeks before the SPM and a workshop? Despite the hectic end-of-year schedule and work especially for the exam classes, I managed to conduct a three and half hour session with them. To be honest, it was a tiring legs were really painful and my throat too. The haze did not help either. 

The week before was given to preparing a suitable module and I decided to deal with three targeted poem in the SPM namely He had such quiet eyes, Are your still playing your flute and Nature. Lunch was good though but all I wanted was to rest my legs! My prayers are that these students excel in the English paper. I still have another four-hour long session with the orang asli students soon (a directive by the JPN Johor). Yours truly has no other choice but to carry it out.

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Lesson Study in SMK Taman Johor Jaya 2

Tomorrow I will be sharing lesson study with a group of teachers in SMK Taman Johor Jaya 2. The principal is collaborating with a PHD student on the programme and I'm glad to be of assistance. We will have theory and practical for half a day and hope that everything will go well. 

PLC (Professional learning community) is the buzzword now and lesson study (LS) is undoubtedly an important programme/tool to produce quality teachers. How can you improve teaching without LS? This was one question popped at me during a course/meeting I attended some time back. It got me thinking....a lot...and thinking is what we teachers need to do more.......seriously :) How can we even dream of thinking classrooms if teachers are not doing enough thinking about what happens in the four walls of the classroom? How do we sharpen the saw as teachers? Are we faking it?

If a teacher doesn't sit down and plan quality lessons then we are going no where. You can shove down their throats all sorts of programmes and ideas but the teacher has got to do his or her basic responsibility which is to prepare lessons and teach well. Of course, it takes time to become skillful at your trade but it has to start from thinking about the lesson and planning to teach it well. It sounds like hardwork doesn't it but that is what teaching is! HARDWORK. Of course we get sidetracked by many things- co curricular activities, meetings, deadlines, courses  and what not but at the end of the day, we are paid to teach.

One way to instill professionalism in teachers is through LS i.e teachers talk about what they do best in the classroom- TEACHING. Not many take LS up because they say it's time-consuming, frightening etc. Yes I realise it takes time for a professional culture to be instilled in our teachers. Time and space (plus recognition) must be accorded to teachers. We have many programmes in place but some are just touch and go. My take is that we don't need so many programmes- the MOE does not have to jump at every single new idea and launch it. Instead take a few and develop and sustain them. LS could be such a programme. Many a lab to brainstorm ideas is good but does the idea reach the masses, the teachers?

Schools can be more creative in the running of its daily affairs and braver to change things. Do away with maintenance culture and switch to developmental culture. Instead of having endless meetings in the afternoons, conduct LS where teachers learn and collaborate. Why not? And if principals are brave enough, start the culture by using some of the morning classes for LS. Instructional time is not wasted but enhanced. The impact I believe, will be far-reaching. LS will ultimately shape the kind of professionalism we dream of in teachers. Let me leave you with this quote to ponder upon. It got me thinking a lot!

If they aren't learning 
you aren't teaching.


(credit: google images)

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Directed writing

It's been a while...hope everyone is fine. In this post I'm sharing a lesson which I just conducted last Wednesday in 5 Razi. The recently concluded SBP trial results were disappointing! Both my classes did not perform as expected. The formal letter was a stumbling block for them to score in directed writing. They got all their format wrong. After all my nagging (poor kids), I prepared a lesson and walked to class energetically last Wednesday with that spring in my steps! We went back to basics...real basics. Using a my word processor and a graphic organiser, we dealt with the following:

  • how to write the content points in a grammatically correct sentence (some were not able to do this)
  • how to elaborate the content points relevantly
I realised that you have to do the basics, even for SBP students. As they say better late than never. My students found the lesson helpful. They asked many questions in between even though some asked in BM. No more nagging Rahmah! Just pray for them a lot that within the next two months or so I can do a lot more. But what's more important is them never giving up on themselves!

It's been two months since I taught the class and each time I discover they have not learned this or that, I feel something inside. It did not help either when a student related how they had so much fun in Form 4 (games and videos) and now she is struggling with her essays. Sometimes it weighs down on me and it is pretty demotivating but I must not show it to them. my nagging may not help but I want them to know I always have them foremost in my prayers.

Here are the materials used:

***The yellow highlights are part of our revision which you can remove easily. Click here for the files.

Happy teaching peeps!


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Monday, 3 August 2015

Ace Your Literature Modules: Thanks to all!

Another module? Well, you can never tire yourself from modules if you're teachers and who knows it may just help that teacher in the classroom somewhere. There are two modules altogether: Form 1 and Form 4. We have infused i-think and HOTS wherever possible and answer keys are provided. Plus....there is the power point to consolidate teaching the poem too!

My thanks to all of you for your contribution in our Ace Your Literature project! Not forgetting Madam Lew Mui Lan (Chairperson, District English Language Committee/Principal of SMK Canossian Convent, Kluang) and Tn Hj Musa Muhammad (Language Officer for English, PPD Kluang) May Allah bless our efforts.

                      Panel of ACE YOUR LITERATURE Module

Form 1
1.       Pn. Norashikin bt. Abu Bakar  (SMK Seri Intan) (LEADER)
2.       En. Mohd Aizat bin Omar (SMK Layang-Layang)
3.       Cik Moganadevi A/P Perumal (SMK Jalan Mengkibol)
4.       En. Muhammad Fikri bin Normi (SMK Seri Kota Paloh)
5.       En. Mohd Najib bin Abdul Ghofur (SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Andak)
6.       Cik Shiknesvary Karuppaiah (SMK Canossian Convent)
7.       Pn Norini bt. Masri (SMK Dato Hj Hassan Yunos)

Form 4
1.        Cik Sharon Sharmini Francis (SMK Jalan Kota) (LEADER)
2.        Pn. Radhika A/P Nallasamy (SM Sains Sembrong)
3.        En. Mustafa Kamal bin Yahya (SMK Belitong)
4.        Pn. Kartika  Sari bt. Idris (SMK Dato Ibrahim Majid)
5.        Cik Nur Ezza Aini bt. Zainudin (SMK Tinggi Kluang)
6.        Pn. Nursyahida bt. Mazalan (SMK Tuanku Abdul Jalil)
7.        Cik Maisaarah bt. Muhammad Sairi (SMK Tengku Aris Bendahara)

 Good job peeps!


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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak all!
Maaf Zahir Batin

(credit: google images)

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Descriptive Writing in 5 Razi: My Ideal Home

I was very pleased with this lesson in 5 Razi. Despite having taught them for a mere two weeks and the many negative comments I've heard about this class, they showed me that they were more than capable of learning. They were willing to learn. It was amazing how the introduction of the composition we were working on somehow 'fitted' with the ending although the groups were working independently! Here's the lesson plan:

Topic: My Ideal Home
Time: Double-period
Skills: Descriptive Writing (Place)
Materials: 1. How to start your essay (click here) 
                 2. Essay scaffolding (photo below)

1. Introduce descriptive writing briefly. (as opossed to factual and argumentative for example)
2. Put SS in groups of four (Four is the ideal number as they can collaborate with their shoulder partner too)
3. Distribute mahjong papers and marker pens to groups.
4. Distribute the scaffolding (structure to help SS write...imagine no safety net, no scaffolding, no parachute..just blowing in the wind peeps! SS need a lot help trust me! Sorry my files are so messy I can't seem to locate the scanned file)
5. Before dealing with the essay plan, teach how to start and essay that grabs the examiner's attention. (For this I have Annuar Tahar to thank for sharing his material with me many many moons ago. You can also dig or google or pin..there are thousands of resources in the net. However I've decided to be kind today haha - here's the worksheet to save you time :) By the way the Razians were all's like they had never heard of this before so the they took it like fish to water.)
6. Then assign each group with the one of content points in the scaffolding: introduction, location, facilities, size, decor and conclusion. (I had six groups of four)
7. Let each group write 1-2 paragraphs on the points given and the T assists them with vocabulary and sentences. (Some groups may need more than one piece of mah jong and make sure they write big enough to be seen on the wall)
8. Always give a time frame. (They needed a double period for everything to be completed. The next single period was for editing and feedback)
9. In the single period, put up the mahjong papers around the classroom (not just the front) As you move from one product to another, SS will change sitting directions too. (We used up all the boards and walls..I wish we had whiteboards all around the classroom but the typical Malaysian classroom doesn't have that so improvise!)
10. Get SS to point out the mistakes in the writing and then underline and correct them. (You can focus on tense and SVA if you like or else the masterpieces will be bloody :) Get SS to evaluate out of 10.
10. Finally, SS copy the essay. (Pleased to see minimal mistakes in their work and praised them for their effort. Alhamdulillah for giving me the strength to conduct my lessons as usual this holy month of Ramadhan for I usually tire a little)

The scaffolding taken from "Diagrammatic Compositions"

Groups expanding the notes...

Drafting first...

I forgot to capture photos of the walls though..sigh. On a final note teachers, I think what is most important is teacher guidance in the process of writing. We can have all the materials in the world but there is no substitute for teacher presence and guidance. No sitting allowed.

By the way, the group used the "Question" technique in the opening paragraph.
 Hope the scratchy plan helps :)
 Happy teaching!

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A change of Skin

Time for a skin change :) I'm actually really busy with this research am presenting in September. Hoping to publish it in the proceedings. But as usual I get easily distracted and hooked on blogging! I think I've wasted a good two hours on this and I should be back working on that research!

Ramadhan Kareem

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Learning Beyond The Four Walls

My latest article in the STAR. Happy teaching peeps :)

The STAR, 14th June 2016


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Friday, 12 June 2015

Teacher Reasearchers in Action: IATEFL Reasearch SIG free download

Hello peeps,
To teachers who are interested in action research, here are some samples on action research courtesy of IATEFL Research SIG. Click on the image.


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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

State PPMP Report (Jan- 9th August 2015)


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Literature Module Meeting

Date: 25th May 2015
Venue: SM Sains Sembrong, Kluang

Today, we welcomed a team of fourteen teachers to a meeting to discuss the Literature Component module based on the current texts for Forms 1 and 4. Before we started I gave some input on what modules area and what features good modules should have.


It felt good to be active again in the district although I know one has to have a  lot of patience with module-building. I've had countless experience in module-building and it is not easy. It can be a lonely affair when you sit down and edit those modules yourself. So this time around, I'm overseeing the project. It was good to have a team of young teachers and some senior ones- a nice mix. It is good exposure for them in their career path.

The teachers involved are Radhika (SASEM), Norini (SMK Dato Hj Hassan Yunos), Sharon (SMK Jalan Kota, Team Leader for Form 4), Mogana (SMK Jalan Mengkibol), Maisaarah (SMK Tengku Aris Bendahara), Nur Azliena Azis (SMK Dato Ibrahim Majid), Mohd Najib (SMK DAto Abdul Rahman Andak), Fikri (SMK Seri Kota), Nursyuhada, (SMK Sultan Abdul Jalil), Nurashikin (SMK Seri Intan Team Leader for Form 1), Shiknesvary (SMK Canossian Convent), Aizat (SMK Layang-Layang) and Nur Ezza (SMK Tinggi Kluang).

We will meet again in July to piece things together. Meanwhile, enjoy the hols and the marking :)

Happy teaching!

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Editing a research paper for a proceeding

TEFLIN INDONESIA 2015 is coming soon (14-16th September) and it will be held in Bali. If all goes well with my leave, this will be my second trip to Bali. After a three-year break from sharing teaching ideas in conferences, I'm making a comeback! Kind of miss going to conferences and learning. My last participation was MELTA 2012 in Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur where I won the Dr Basil Wijasuriya Award (Silver). Somehow, 28 years into teaching, awards are not so important now than sharing ideas and recharging via conferences. On that note...was asked to fill in a lengthy form for Anugerah Guru Terbilang (Excellent Teacher Award) for residential schools recently but I rejected. Awards can wait for now.
credit: google images

What's really on my mind right now is the sorry state of affairs for teachers to enhance CPD (Continuing Professional Development). There is a lot of talk about CPD within the education sector itself but the real situation is far from encouraging. Imagine the hassle I had to go through to get permission to present a paper overseas: 4 sets of forms to fill up for the BPSBPSK (with one set returned because officer A gave me the old form and Officer B wanted the new form), letter with all the attachments and the research to EPRD (yes, them too for permission and whether or not your paper is "good enough" to be presented overseas) and then you wait................might be the classic case of getting the reply a week before the conference :)

The best part is after all that it is still your boss (principal) who decides whether you go or not, not BPSBPSK or EPRD. Am now waiting for the type of leave that will be given; CTR, CG or CRK. Why can't the ministry make it a little simpler for a teacher like me to participate/present a paper overseas especially when I'm bearing all the cost? And there is certainly no need for unkind comments such as "On whose directive are you going?" It's a bit hard to swallow the red tape and the unprofessionalism if you catch my drift. Granted, I'm not a professor from a university where my expenses are born by the university. All I know is I care about my job and my professional development. Although sometimes my heart cry out for the lack of support for teachers in schools to attend conferences , I can't just wait and see. I must grab those apples!

Don't forget the benefits of CPD:
  • ensures  your capabilities keep pace with the current standards of others in the same field
  • ensures that you maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills you need to deliver a professional service
  • ensures that you and your knowledge stay relevant and up to date. The pace of change is probably faster than it’s ever been. If you stand still you will get left behind, as the currency of your knowledge and skills becomes out-dated
  • helps you to stay interested and interesting ( how true!)

Perhaps it's time for the ministry to have a special allowance for teachers who have reached a certain standard to be able to participate in conferences without much hassle. Why not? And how many per cent of them do? Perhaps the state of Johor can also encourage teachers to participate in conferences by paying the fees and expenses in part or fully? For that matter the PTA, MPSM, MGB too can step forward and help teachers enhance themselves. The role of such education-affiliated entities should be reviewed. Yes, by all means do print exam papers and collect money for your activities (fishing, overseas trips) as an association but how can they contribute to teachers' professional development? This is a more meaningful investment surely. Many of my colleagues moan at the idea of having to pay for conferences. This idea of self-sponsorship hasn't quite caught on with Malaysian teachers and it's easy to understand why. It can be an expensive affair if say you're heading from a northern state in Malaysia to attend MELTA in Kuala Lumpur for example. Yes, more education departments are sponsoring but it is not enough. For now though, the sorry state of affairs continue.

This suddenly gives me an idea on what to write for my next article :) Meanwhile,  I wait for the auspicious consent letter.

Hope to meet some familiar names and faces in TEFLIN!

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Common Words You Need to Spruce Up That Essay

Some of the most common words you need to write a good composition. Instead of using tired words like 'nice' and 'beautiful' why not try...

pretty, lovely, handsome, attractive, gorgeous, dazzling, 
splendid, magnificent, comely, fair, ravishing, graceful,
 elegant, fine, exquisite, aesthetic, pleasing, shapely,
 delicate, stunning, glorious, heavenly, resplendent, 
radiant, glowing, blooming, sparkling

Here is the list :)
Happy teaching!


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