Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Research and Methodology Booklets by Cambridge

Courtesy of Cambridge : a selection of booklets to help you become a better teacher and those doing research. You can also click on the sidebar under "Research and Methodology"

credit: Cambridge.org

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

What do we need modules for?

Hundreds of modules have been produced by PPDs, JPNs and individuals to help students excel in public examinations. Sometimes one wonders the effectiveness of these modules. The truth is there is no one perfect module. It's all up to the teacher to adapt what they are given. Here's one built in 2008 by PPMP, Johor Education Department. Click on the image or you can also go to 'Modules' on top to download.

Happy teaching cikgu!


Those who can Do Those who can do more TEACH

Module on 'The Curse" by 5 Abu Hanifah and 5 Syafie


HI peeps! In case you're thinking, spot questions? Aha that's the word. To be honest, I never spotted questions for the novel...however, my students from 5 Abu Hanifah and 5 As Syafie decided that we would prepare a module anyway as preparation for the upcoming SPM. Thanks to these wonderful kids you can click here for module.

Happy teaching!

Those who can Do Those who can do more TEACH