Saturday, 12 November 2011

See you in 2012!

It has been three years since I started blogging to share best practices and matters on CPD. I hope I've been able to share things of interest with my blog visitors whoever you are. In the three years I've met many of my blog visitors,  Saidatul, Violet and Lailatul from Sabah, Anizah, Jenny, Khalipah, Azimah, Saodah, Fazleen to name but a few. Sometimes they surprised me with " Hello, you're the blogger!", "Hi, I know you!" or " You inspire me..." in meetings and conferences. It has been a wonderful and enriching three years.  I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

In addition I've received many emails especially from would-be teachers looking for tips on teaching. It has been rewarding indeed to share and to make many new friends. In the the three years, I've only received ONE negative comment from the 1,141 comments. It is delightful to know that there are many positive people out there who just want to interact and learn from each other. My take is, if you want to look at the positive side of things, it will be positive vice versa.

To date, the page views to my blog have surpassed half a million! (579,224 page views) Thanks to one and all. Once a friend asked me whether I was making money out of blogging. I'd be rich by now if that was my aim :) Those adverts are just for fun- gives my blog a little 'hardcore blogger' look! Yes, you can make money from blogging but you must have sponsored adverts. It's too complicated for a simpleton like me.

This is me signing off for 2011. This will be my last post for the year. It's not easy to let go when you've been at it for so long but everybody needs a break now and then. Am so looking forward to spending this hols just reading and frequenting the gym and yes, finishing that elusive book...Hope to see you again in January 2012 with more postings and a fresher outlook.

Happy hols and be good! Thank you for your support and friendship :)

engoasis (12 Nov 2011)

The thinking teacher

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Best Wishes!!!

Best wishes in your SPM to all my former students in
SMK Canossian Convent, Kluang and visitors.
Break a leg!