Thursday, 30 January 2014

PBSMR: Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah Menengah Rendah

For those still looking for the latest info on PBSMR, click the links below to download:

1. Dasar PBS PMR
2. Format Instrumen PBSMR
3.Pengoperasian Pentaksiran
4. Pentaksiran Pusat-Ujian Bertulis- Dr Rahimah Adam, LP ppt.

Excellence is a habit not an act

PBS Assessment: Giving Compliments and Responding Appropriately

Date: 28th January 2014 (Tuesday)
Venue: 2 Kathir

I was pleased with the PBS assessment carried out in 2 Set 1 today. Students showed seriousness in their work by discussing and preparing the dialogue. The dialogues were far from perfect but that was only to be expected. I've always reminded my students that it's all right to make  Giving students the opportunity to use English in the classroom is well worth the double period!  One thing I like about PBS is the listening/speaking component. It requires the teacher to take listening-speaking skills more seriously. Feedback was given immediately after their presentations. Congratulations to 2 Set 1 for trying their best!

Excellence is a habit not an act

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Tokoh Nilam Kluang 2014

Date: 23rd January 2014
Venue: SJKC Chong Hwa (2) Hall

Congrats to Lukman from SASEM for getting first runner up in this district competition. I had fun judging this one with Rosleen (STK) and Atifah (SMK Belitong). Overall it was well-organised by the PKG and 4B Youth Association of Kluang. Congrats to En Razip for coordinating the competition.

Tn Hj A. Manap Muslimin, Kluang PPD giving his speech

Mr Kifli, senior assistant and Lukman

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Using Songs in the English classroom: Wadah Siswa 14/2014

 My latest publication in Wadah Siswa...


The Thinking Teacher

Farewell to Mr Mohd Noh Mohd Yusof, SASEM's first principal!

Date: 16th January 2014
Venue: Khalifah Hall

The pictures say it all. A farewell was arranged for our first principal En Mohd Noh Mohd Yusof in Khalifah Hall. It was quite an elaborate ceremony with presentations from students, speeches and tokens of appreciation. May Allah bless him with good health and even more success in his new school!

Pn Noreta, MC

Mr Kifli, Senior Assistant 1

Em Mohd Noh giving his speech for the last time

Pian and his wonderful song!

All the best to you!

The Thinking Teacher

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Welcome to Tn Hj Sharif Junidek, Sasem's second principal

Welcome to Tn Hj Sharif Junidek, SASEM's second principal! Tn Hj Sharif hails from SMK Sri Sembrong, Kluang and was an ex-student and teacher of SM Sains Johor, a school I taught for 21 years. In addressing his first assembly today, he had a few important talking points for all students:
  • Tagline: "Anak yang baik mendengar kata"
  • The differences between "cerdik" and "pandai"
  • Being grateful to God always
  • See problems as challenges and challenges as opportunities
  • Teachers will take their oath ("Aku Janji") next week
His briefing with teachers touched on:
  • The need for teachers to support the head of the school
  • Empowering senior teachers
  • Empowering teachers
  • A teacher's touch
SASEM extends a warm welcome to Tn Hj Sharif Junidek. May SASEM scale to greater heights with your leadership.

Our new principal- Tn Hj Sharif Junidek

New form 1 students in the forefront

Hopeful new ist formers!

First briefing by the principal for teachers

The Thinking Teacher