Sunday, 12 January 2014

Welcome to Tn Hj Sharif Junidek, Sasem's second principal

Welcome to Tn Hj Sharif Junidek, SASEM's second principal! Tn Hj Sharif hails from SMK Sri Sembrong, Kluang and was an ex-student and teacher of SM Sains Johor, a school I taught for 21 years. In addressing his first assembly today, he had a few important talking points for all students:
  • Tagline: "Anak yang baik mendengar kata"
  • The differences between "cerdik" and "pandai"
  • Being grateful to God always
  • See problems as challenges and challenges as opportunities
  • Teachers will take their oath ("Aku Janji") next week
His briefing with teachers touched on:
  • The need for teachers to support the head of the school
  • Empowering senior teachers
  • Empowering teachers
  • A teacher's touch
SASEM extends a warm welcome to Tn Hj Sharif Junidek. May SASEM scale to greater heights with your leadership.

Our new principal- Tn Hj Sharif Junidek

New form 1 students in the forefront

Hopeful new ist formers!

First briefing by the principal for teachers

The Thinking Teacher


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