Thursday, 19 July 2018

My Fantasy Island 1 Ibnu Majah and 1 Ibnu Khaldun

Congratulations to 1 Majah and 1 Khaldun for your hard work and excellent presentation! I'm very proud of all of you. What's most impressive was the questions you asked the presenters. They showed a lot of maturity and sense 😍 Well-done to all and especially to the winning groups: 

  • 1 Majah (Group 6 for Most Creative Group and Best Presentation)
  • 1 Khaldun (Group 1 - Most Creative Group and Group 4- Best Presentation)

Here's how to get this simple but meaningful activity done:

LANGUAGE FOCUS: Listening and Speaking
TIME: 4 periods for preparation and presentation
4C's incorporated: comunication (encourage the use of English), collaboration, creative and critical thinking skills 

1. Write task on board:
My Fantasy Island- What would it look like? What attractions would you have on your island? 
How can visitors get to your island?
2. Draw and colour your island. 
3. Select not more than two presenters to explain to the class. (5 mins per group).
4. After each presentation, allow three questions from the floor.
5. Peer Evaluation: SS vote for the best groups for Most Creative Group and Best Presentation.
6. Always have a bag of sweets and chocolates ready for the prize 😃

I carry out this activity without fail every year. 
Happy teaching peeps!

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

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