Sunday, 30 November 2008

What after SPM?

Hi and Salam everyone,

To my students who have just completed the SPM, congrats! You made it to the end hehe. To those who still have a paper or two, persevere and hang on!! I'm sure you have all tried your level best. What's important is you leave everything to God now and enjoy your well-deserved break. I hope all of you received my sms wishing you the very best in your English and EST papers...quite an experience to sms 58 students you know :)

Meantime yours truly has got to get back on track as far as this blog is concerned. Will try to get some serious (uhuh?) things on my blog like methodology, teacher development, language and linguistics materials and no politics, plz, we're Malaysians :) I've been thinking a lot of about all these but TIME or rather the lack of it is the main factor. Excuses as usual. Tell you the truth, it doesn't feel like a holiday because I'm pretty busy as usual, just got back from a week's meeting in kl, curiculum meeting on tues, weddings on the roll, dad's tahlil on the 4th, land office appointment on the third, meeting with the principal tomorrow (not in sequence!)...hehe who says teachers have all the hols??

Well, hope to see you again with some serious academic stuff! Salam and bubye!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Perdana Resort, Kota Bahru 1-4 Nov 2008

This was the venue for the national level Tan Sri Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad debates. I was priliveged enough to be one of the judges from the Johor contingent. Sadly however, Johor lost in the semi-finals although they put up a good show. Selangor emerged champs after defeating Perak.

Writer's Block

Salam and hi to all,

Am trying to write something on composition writing. I realise it's not easy to start. I mean I have all these ideas up on my head but to put pen to paper is quite another matter. Writer's block? Well, see how it goes this hols..hope I can produce something before feb next year. I've been wanting to write this for wuite some time now. This will be my second book. It's so rewarding to write and have your name published. Catch u later!