Sunday, 28 February 2010


After much thinking (and time wasted), I've applied for postgraduate study in UTM. This seems to be the best time to pursue it as my daughter is graduating in April and my son is in STAR Ipoh. Looking at me applying online a while ago, I couldn't believe my husband's support- had to pinch myself. Well, time to work on a proposal...wish me luck!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

State Education Director's 29 Flagship 2010

Tn Hj Sufaat bin Tumin
Johor State Education Director

                            (credit ppd kluang)
1. Johor Top 5 in Public Examinations
2. Instructional Leadership
3. Headcount
4. Strategic Planning 2009-2011
5. Transformational Leadership
6. Generating Middle Managers Leadership
7.One Teacher One Action Research
8. Student's Attendance Headcount
9. School-based Assessment
10. E Bank Item Programme
11. Immersion Programme : School Heads and Excellent Teachers
12. Professional Staff Development
13. Knowledge Culture
14. D-Remedial Programme
15. Developing Excellent SABK
16. Focussed Supervision
17. Leadership Policy (3 years in one school)
18. Innovation and Creativity
19. Implementation of MS ISO 9001 : 2008 in schools
20. Discipline and Character Development
21. Teacher Support Programme
22. Zero Defect 'Audit Berteguran'
23. Prioritising Teacher's Welfare
24.50% Excellence in RK Policy
25. KPI for all officers and staff
26. Development of Resource Centers
27. Regaining Excellence in Sports School
29. Special Education Tansition

23,000 and growing!

Thanks for the support!

Innovative Teacher Competition 2010

If you are interested to take part in this annual competition, the following information will be useful:
Pertandingan Anugerah Guru Inovatif KPM 2010
Syarat Pertandingan Anugerah Guru Inovatif 2010

Friday, 26 February 2010

A Date with Jabatan Agama...

Ziha and I training the Jabatan Agama teachers
The participants

Date: 24-25 February 2010
Venue: Tropical Inn, JB
Literature Component 2010 Course for 26 Jabatan Agama Teachers

Finally, I have time to update my blog...well, this was a date with Jabatan Agama teachers who needed assistance with the new literature component for 2010. It was a great experience but I had expected the teachers to be a bit more active. I truly hope we (Noziha and I) were able to impart as much as possible to the teachers. Many of them were young and inexperienced. Perhaps what's best for them is back to basics pedagogy because they lack the basics in teaching. What they need I think is basic input on methodology- the how to teach sort of thing... Still, I hope they will pick up some good pointers and try them in class. I couldn't stay to watch their drama performance, but was told they put up a fine show. Congratulations!  I must say a big thank you to Pn Shamsiah for inviting us and to Noziha my co-trainer. The food in Tropical Inn was out of this world-really delicious! For one who dislikes mutton, I had mutton beriani that day :)  and 'pulut hitam' as dessert and mousse and sponge-cake with fresh cream....who needs a diet? On Thursday evening I resumed with confidential work in Suria City-thanks to En Mad, the Jabatan Agama driver who chauffered me all the way to Suria City. Thank God for the Maulidur Rasul break- really need this. Got to resume the action research lesson am doing with 5S1 next week. Miss the sports day-wonder who won? Yellow House? Naaahh.....

Monday, 15 February 2010

Majlis Guru Cemerlang Kluang First Meeting

En Ismail chairing the meeting
Committee Members
Date: 11 Feb 2010
Venue: SMK Jalan Mengkibol

Alas the first Majlis Guru Cemerlang Kluang meeting finally took off at SMK Jalan Mengkibol today. It was a fruitful meeting chaired by acting chairperson, En Ismail Yon. Programmes for 2010 were outlined and they include:
  • Video-taping of Best Practices in the classroom
  • Peer Coaching (Rakan Sebimbing)
  • KILAS programme (UPSR, PMR & SPM)
  • Visit to a High Performance School
  • Family Day
I raised five matters in this meeting:
  • the need for GC to publish anything related to their subjects and expertise
  • GC must lead in innovation (in line with PPD Kluang's declaration that 2010 is 'Year of innovation') Click here for the relevant forms: Form 1 and Form 2
  • a networking with UTM or UTHO as they have a vast wealth of expertise which can be tapped
  • that the MGC Kluang blog be uploaded with T & L materials from all subjects
  • that the issue of GC doing something for 'personal glory' be addressed
Hjh Khalidah (state secretary) informed all present of the state convention for excellent teachers which will take place from 22-23 April 200. Ten representatives from each district will be selected to attend the conference. On a more serious note, Hjh Khalidah pointed out the comments by the Inspectorates that there have been a lot of complaints on the quality of the new GCs appointed without observation. She found this to be somewhat demotivating to the new GCs.  My opinion on this is, you just have to prove them wrong because there is just no other way.

At the JPN level, the officer in charge of GC is now En Jasmi Omar (replacing Tn Hj Shamsudin Haron who was recently promoted as principal) and En Nor Azrin from the Inspectorates (replacing Pn Haizan). Pn Zanariah, a senior GC aptly pointed out the inconsistencies in the election of the present line-up and suggested that it be relooked.  I think this is a relevant point because the election of the present office bearers was not conducted in the right way. The meeting therefore agreed that an extraordinary AGM (tentative date 25th March) will be called to resolve the matter- a step in the right direction.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Enter the Tiger...

credit: Google Images

Happy New Year to all Chinese friends and students! May this new year bring prosperity and happiness to all of us. I have three tigers in my house (me, hubby and daughter). Let's hope we don't have tiger fights!! Enjoy your break :)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Teaching idioms (Part 2)

Jia Hwei wrote in her class journal today that she didn't like the story used in the lesson. The word she used is 'boring'. But it wasn't clear why. Was it too long? Was it too difficult? Too many idioms? Food for thought this. I was pleased though that the girls looked for the meaning online and came prepared. Well, the first part of the lesson was rather tedious I must admit but the second part was better. SS were able to write a short story  using the idioms that they have learned thus far. Some stories were just hilarious but the most important thing is to be able to use the idioms correctly. We will continue tomorrow as time didn't permit evey group to present its story today.

On another matter, I could see my girls so restless with the impending CNY! Well, teachers too you bet. Am so looking forward to this break..I can't deny that. Let's see...I've got two write ups for a Sasbadi series and MGCK, an innovation to complete and this action research. Besides, there's bun-baking (is there such a word?) too during CNY. When am I going to read that Jefrrey Archer book given by Madam Tan (my x-principal) ? And I  hope to visit Meng Huat at his home this CNY too..too many things to do and so little time. Was it Evadne who wrote in her journal last year "24 hours is not enough for me to do all the things I need to do" and I responded " Well, even President Barrack Obama has 24 hours!" :D

Monday, 8 February 2010

Teaching Idioms (Part 1)

Getting my students to locate 29 idioms in a story was not easy (especially after the cross-country event, with them complaining of being tired etc. etc). Yet most of them were able to identify between 20-29 idioms in our English class today. The feedback to the question, "Why did you select those expressions as idioms?" gave rise to the following responses:
  • 'because they are strange words'
  • 'because they are different from the rest'
  • 'because they are interesting'
  • 'because I don't know what they mean' (very interesting response!)

 As this was part of my action research lesson, their responses will be useful data for me. As the class was a 40-minute class, the lesson ended with the identification of the idioms only. Their task at home was to look up the meanings of the idioms we had listed. Tomorrow we will list out the meanings of the idioms as used in the context of the story. This is where meaning-making comes into play- literal and figurative meanings.  It would be interesting to see whether they are able to give the right meaning to the idioms.

Explaining 'context' to my students was not easy but extremely important, so that they know what is the intended meaning of the idiom. I've planned some strategies for tomorrow's lesson and hope to achieve the objectives...

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bread-making Class Anyone?

Wan doing the practical
Murniyati measuring the ingredients
The sifu in action...
The apprentice at work..
From left, Su, Maria, Murni and Anita...gelek jangan tak gelek!
Maria (hands only) showing off the cherry buns...
Our Pizza Buns! Unbelievable!
Cherry Buns and Cheese buns!

No not English matters today ok...How about bread making? Oh what a morning I had today! No regrets attending this baking class with Radziah, our ERT teacher and her friend Hjh Hamidah. I certainly enjoyed leraning how to make pizza bun, cheese bun, cherry bun and 'roti Arab berinti'. Learned many tips too from Siti Jariah from SSAJ. About 15 of us were there (Maria, Suhaily, Marina, Murniyati, Wan, Salmah, Anita and me from SMCC) and I'm definitely looking forward to the next class! Thanks to the chefs Radziah and her friends :)

Cross Country 2010

Date: 6 Feb (Saturday) 2010
Event: Cross-country
Alas the long awaited cross-country finally took place today under the scorching sun. Yellow House emerged runner-up. They failed to defend the championship. As I've mentioned before to them, every member of the yellow house must pull in his or her weight and contribute a point but...But still congratulations to all of them, captain Kok Wei Hong and Puan Monalisa. Do your best in the Sports Day!

Cheque Presentation by YB How Kok Chung

 Date: 5 Feb 2010 (Friday)
Venue: Main Hall, SMKCCYB

 YB delivering his speech

YB How Kok Chung, Deputy Minister, Higher Education presenting a cheque of RM200,000 from the government to SMK Canossian Convent PIBG chairman, Mr Lee, for a long overdue computer lab.