Sunday, 27 December 2015

Strategic Planning and Professional Learning Community

Apologies to those who sent messages. I've not been able to fix broken links or respond to your questions due to other work that needs to be done urgently. Today I hope to complete all the necessary docs for our first meeting tomorrow. The ppt. for my briefing tomorrow is also still not done. Spent the whole holidays editing Strategic Planning (2016-2018) and  a lot of time waiting for those who went for holidays and not sticking to the deadline! I'd like my responsibilities to be completed and done well although nowadays nobody is interested in doing the right thing anymore. Heard of "asal buat" (as long as it's done)? Yes, for documentation purposes, for visits by the inspectorates and officers, to impress...sigh. It's sad what education is turning into. A lot of time is spent on planning but not monitoring.

We need school leaders who are visionary and who walk the talk. We also need school leaders who get their hands dirty coaching and mentoring teachers in school. It's not enough to say we will focus on the process next year and not the outcome. You mean, it took you a whole year to realise that? And I seriously think middle management needs to MOVE and LEAD. It's very stagnant and sluggish! And for as long as I can remember, none of the middle managers gave any professional input to teachers. Such a shame with the majority of teachers being young teachers.

Well, I'm hoping for the best in 2016. Am hoping 2016 will be a wonderful year for me and you my dear blog readers where we are blessed with good health and happiness!

Read teachers! Please read in order to understand. 

Professional Walk for the admin

PLC forms and schedule...

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

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