Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Literature Module Meeting

Date: 25th May 2015
Venue: SM Sains Sembrong, Kluang

Today, we welcomed a team of fourteen teachers to a meeting to discuss the Literature Component module based on the current texts for Forms 1 and 4. Before we started I gave some input on what modules area and what features good modules should have.


It felt good to be active again in the district although I know one has to have a  lot of patience with module-building. I've had countless experience in module-building and it is not easy. It can be a lonely affair when you sit down and edit those modules yourself. So this time around, I'm overseeing the project. It was good to have a team of young teachers and some senior ones- a nice mix. It is good exposure for them in their career path.

The teachers involved are Radhika (SASEM), Norini (SMK Dato Hj Hassan Yunos), Sharon (SMK Jalan Kota, Team Leader for Form 4), Mogana (SMK Jalan Mengkibol), Maisaarah (SMK Tengku Aris Bendahara), Nur Azliena Azis (SMK Dato Ibrahim Majid), Mohd Najib (SMK DAto Abdul Rahman Andak), Fikri (SMK Seri Kota), Nursyuhada, (SMK Sultan Abdul Jalil), Nurashikin (SMK Seri Intan Team Leader for Form 1), Shiknesvary (SMK Canossian Convent), Aizat (SMK Layang-Layang) and Nur Ezza (SMK Tinggi Kluang).

We will meet again in July to piece things together. Meanwhile, enjoy the hols and the marking :)

Happy teaching!

Those who can Do Those who can do more TEACH

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