Sunday, 4 October 2015

"Program Kecemerlangan 4 Penjuru", Kluang District

Am I itching to blog? Yes, you can say that because it's been a loooong break. Now where do I begin...let's start with today. We had a "Program Kecemerlangan 4 Penjuru" today involving SASEM, SMK Kahang Timur and SMK Seri Sembrong. However, SMK Datuk Ibrahim Majid did not come today. Gosh! Three weeks before the SPM and a workshop? Despite the hectic end-of-year schedule and work especially for the exam classes, I managed to conduct a three and half hour session with them. To be honest, it was a tiring legs were really painful and my throat too. The haze did not help either. 

The week before was given to preparing a suitable module and I decided to deal with three targeted poem in the SPM namely He had such quiet eyes, Are your still playing your flute and Nature. Lunch was good though but all I wanted was to rest my legs! My prayers are that these students excel in the English paper. I still have another four-hour long session with the orang asli students soon (a directive by the JPN Johor). Yours truly has no other choice but to carry it out.

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

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