Friday, 16 October 2015

Young Readers Programme

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Next year, in sha Allah I'm planning to start an extensive reading programme with the Form 1 students in my school. As teachers we all know the level of English these children display after graduating from primary 6. Down memory lane, I remember clearly those who couldn't pronounce the word "could" and "would" correctly. Instead of /kud/ and /wud/  it was /kuld/ and /wuld/. Took a while for me to defossilize that! Next year am thinking of a reading programme to improve the students' reading and vocabulary. If you guys have any idea where I can start, please do message or email ( 

I'm thinking of stories, newspapers... A4 paper which optimises both sides (passage and questions/activities). There is a lot of literature around on extensive reading but I need something simple and impactful and fun for perhaps a six-month programme or so. Can these children just do reading and vocabulary instead of OPS-English for example? They just have to read to do well in English really. Speaking is an important skill but given two groups doing OPS-English and another doing extensive reading, which do you think will improve their English at a faster rate? No study has been done on this I bet but it's worth thinking about. Teachers are in the dark as to the success of OPS-English in the first place. I think there needs to be sharing of information especially impacts of programmes involving teachers in schools. This information should not be exclusive to the researchers, ELTC and the stake holders. If something is successful or unsuccessful, share it. As one of the writers, I too would like to know the impact of the programme. Meanwhile, I will do some research on extensive reading and hope to carry it out next year :)

 Happy teaching!

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH


  1. OPS English to me is not effective. Many teachers can't speak good English. A teacher at my school taught her students to say, 'Onslaught of the Library Club, I would like to deliver a speech on the importance of Hobbies'. And the other teacher banned her students from using the word 'awesome', saying that it was an American slang word.

    1. Thanks for thoughts sintaicharles :) I hope they will reveal the study on OPS English on the pilot schools. We have too many programmes!


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