Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dinner Treat for Perfect Score Club, Prime city Hotel, Kluang

Top scorers from Form 3 and 5 were feted with a sumptious spread in Prime City Hotel, Kluang last night. The food was great but I missed the 'cendol'! Later, I ferried Hidir, Din, Sulaiman and Ummu back to school for another do- Tuanku Hisamudin's House dinner. Ummu unexpectedly vomitted in the car so I drove her straight to her hostel to get a change of clothes. Poor girl! Rain messed things up a little- the tables and chairs at Dataran Kristal were all wet. However, well-done to the Form 4's for organising this for the seniors. Good job! I had a teriible headache and didn't stay long.I heard the beriani was good.

The Thinking Teacher

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