Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Some comments I got from the 'I like you slips' activity last July 11th:

"Thank-you for all the support and motivation"

" ENGLISH ROCKS! Lesson very very interesting and fun...Never know English can be lots of fun like this. BIG THANKS!" (Michelle)

" Hey, teacher...To be honest, you're the best teacher I have seen in the 13 years of my school life...Really!! You aways seem so enthusiastic and determined to teach us...And teacher, you're always so creative. I simply love your ideas in teaching. Well, I do understand about the bad attitude we have towards teacher sometimes, but I hope teacher wouldn't put it to heart and teacher wouldn't blame yourself...Because deep in my heart, I clearly know that YOU'RE THE BEST!!! You're doing an awesome job teacher...Keep it up and Love you!! (smiley)

p.s Whoever you are, thanks for the kindest words girls. You are awesome too. It's not that I ask for your praises. Most important is you are learning and improving everyday and that you enjoy our English classes!! Do you know that I learn a lot from you too?(wink, wink..don't know how to add smileys yet la...)

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