Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Hi all,

Today saw a group of us editing the end-of-year English papers in the library. This is what honest and hardworking teachers do ok. They build papers :) Amongst other things of course...Reached home at 6pm feeling exhausted. Now, study the following sentences and tell me which one is correct ok?
  • How much money does she has?
  • How much money does she have?
Tell me the answer soon...m not testing your intelligence. Just telling you that a syt (sweet young thing) newly graduated English teacher told me her answer to the question above. But I can't tell you yet. You tell me your answer first. Then we will see who is Englishsmart. The carrot? Hmm...who said there's a prize in it? Well, a chocolate maybe if you are the first person to answer correctly hehe. All the best!


  1. How much money does she has?

    i think this is rite.
    how was it?

  2. the answer is "how much money does she have?".

  3. syafiq,
    go study your grammar again!!hehe

  4. hi mei xuan,
    well done! one choc for u coming soon!! nice to have u on board. good luck in ur trial dear!!

  5. Because it's a question syafiq, you've got to change the rules..


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