Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hari Raya Preparations

Salam and hi all,

I know we still have a week to Ramadhan and it's sort of 'improper' to talk about Hari Raya. But as a housewife, obviously I have to start thinking of the early preparations. My hubby does not worry about it because yours truly will do everything from ordering the biscuits, fruit cake, Rasyad's and Adibah's raya clothes, open-house etc. to cleaning the house (of course he helps with the cleaning- the fans are in dire need of cleaning!). Today I picked up Rasyad's baju melayu and paid RM75.00 as tailoring fee. The material itself was about RM80.00 Maybe it's cheaper to buy ready made? I've never bought a ready made baju melayu.

Tomorrow am picking up all the biscuits at Kak Lin's place and the fruit cakes at Kak Timah's house..don't ask how much it will cost. A bomb likely!! With the price rise in everything , obviously the Raya budget is also affected. I just hope that the biscuits are nice. You don't mind paying if they taste good. As you know, it's really difficult to find cookies that taste great nowadays despite the fanciful names and the price! Really. Am fussy about tarts especially. Somehow I am never satisfied with the taste of the tarts I've ordered. I had this dream of making my own tarts this year but alas it remains an elusive dream...with the just concluded SPM trial papers, I just have to forget the idea. I also have this dream of one day owning that Kenwood food mixture that can knead dough as well, you know, the one that costs RM 3300 ++? Hmm..I can afford it if I really want it but my hubby asked why I need such an expensive food mixer when they are cheaper ones...Well, I thought maybe I can go into baking if am ever out of a job you know...seriously hehe. I will own it someday and with my new Zanussi electric oven, I should be baking in style!


  1. Woowww Bab,

    All in one. I wonder how you women can manage all those things.
    First the Baju Raya, then the Kuih Raya, then the Spring cleaning.

    I could understand what you are going thru' cause same goes here with my wife. Again, all in one.

    Baju Melayu, children size cost you Rm155.00. Am not surprise cause you don't have any economic sense. Remember your pet from Segamat which cost you RM 400.00. Sorry dear.
    Ready made which is as good can cost you only Rm55.00. Good cloth will be not more than RM100.00.

    The best and most expensive cost me only Rm120.00. You can get it from Alamanda, Putrajaya.

    Now your biscuits. I bet it will cost you Rm25.00 each box.

    Selamat Hari Raya to you and family.
    Maaf zahir dan batin.
    Dari tahun 1980, till now. 28 years !!! My goodness me.

    Fr HH

  2. no economic sense eh? hmmm..btw the biscuits cost rm36 per 100's still ok in johor i guess. bet it's more expensive where u live!! the fruit cake costs Rm40 but the size is big so u win some you lose some hehe.selamat hari raya 2 u 2. maaf zahir batin


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