Sunday, 14 September 2008

Perkampungan SPM Sekolah Berasrama Daerah Kluang

Salam and helloo,

Am piecing the English module for this programme which will be held 17-19 Oct. Some co-facees have already sent me the materials but not all. We have to handle around 100 SPM students and help them with English as the SPM is drawing near. The previous year we had it in Spg Renggam during the Ramadhan but thankfully this year it's in October. I am happy to be part of this programme and be able to help students with their final preparations for the upcoming SPM.


  1. Hi!!

    New feature and layout.
    Updated and revised format.
    Looks nice with all photos attached.

  2. Hi again,

    The U Tube, what is your recommended link or embedded URL to your favourate Tube?

    The Best of 2007 maybe, or the best something-to-do-with-English, since this is an englishoasis.

    Fr HH

  3. hi hh,
    tx as i said saya budak baru belajar hehe! u do have goos suggestions. i honestly don't know. just found it and plonked it there hehe :) how do u do that anyway? best of 2007??

  4. Hi,
    I know to plonked here, plonked there..

    Just search Google "best of you tube 2007" or any other combination you think fit.

    Good luck with your plonking.

    Fr HH

  5. tx will try and see what happens!


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