Sunday, 7 September 2008

Problem solved!

Hi all,

It's been two days since i could get internet access at home. It's like my world really turned upside down!! Sent my new acer notebook to the shop but still failed. It was only this morning that my dear husband solved the matter. Silly me...typed the wrong password all this while!! I could kick myself.

Speaking of the internet, i wonder when the school is going to fix the router...since the term break, there has been no internet connection. The teachers in the staffroom complained to me and i've informed the school but till yesterday, still no access. You should stay in the staffroom for a bit and try connecting then you will know what i mean.

Here's my two cents worth-the internet should be made available to all staff. Even in remote schools this is available whatmore town schools and in this age! Teachers will not abuse it. All they want to do is to check their emails, the latest news etc. Of course there are teachers who don't bother using the internet at all but there are those who want to use it. I've spoken on the matter no less than three times... am so frustrated. The internet is a neccessity not a luxury!


  1. I say, one more thing.

    The title should read "Problem Unsolved" not the other way round.

    Fr HH

    ps. cuba2 nak jadi cigu English.:-)

  2. hi hh,
    betol la tu..problem unsolved hehe jadi pegawai ajelah x payah jadi cg english:)

  3. hahah yeah i would have to agree wif HH!! haha its kindda like PROBLEMO UNSLOVED!! hehehe ya need to change the title..Pn.rAHMAH!!..

  4. problem unsolved till now dear...:(


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