Monday, 15 September 2008

School Assembly

Salam and hi all,

Today was a really special day although I had mixed feelings- happy, excited, nervous, apprehensive, you name it - and all this made my stomach churn! My principal announced my recent promotion during the assembly. I wasn't sure how to react, just stood up and smiled! Another touching thing was the 'card' she printed with all the nice words on it and she placed it in my record book. Boy, am I lucky!! She is such a selfless person and will go all out to make you feel appreciated. Thank you God for giving me such a boss (there are not many around) and thank you for the promotion. It's extra special as as all this took place in this holy Ramadhan. And to really make my day, some students came to congratulate me as well!! What a day! Alhamdulillah.


  1. Congratulations!
    err..although i don't know what happen actually.. but surely it's a happy ending. hehe~

  2. wow..teacher ur awesome..luv ya loadZZ..

    Luv renukha...

    Congratulations..Bravo!! A job well done!!

  3. tx syafiq,
    yes, a happy ending

  4. tx renu,
    it will inspire me to work harder. ive not been able to visit ur blog yet dear. gimme some time

  5. Congratulation !!

    I envy you since Im eyeing for it, actually.

    sob..sob..sob :-)

    BTW, what do they call you now?
    Penolong Pengetua?
    HEM, HAM, HUM?

  6. none of the above!!:) m still a teacher teaching in the classroom. if u are applying for promotion u should know what my post is hehe. tx anyway for ur kind thot!

  7. Hi kak rahmah. First of all congratulations. Wah what promotion r we talking about again?

  8. wow...
    moving forward..

    congrads for the promotion..
    glad dat ur doing so well there..
    (peace of mind is reli important.. glad that i'm away from that miserable place too.. *wink2*)

    keep up d gud work..

  9. hi sue ray,
    thanks. yeah, i only have God to thank for being so kind to me.


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