Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Salam and hi to all,

Here's something I have used in the classroom to fill up the time in the English class. You may want to use this while waiting for the students to trickle in and settle down or at the end of the class with the last 5-10 minutes remaining. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. I learnt this from the internet but for the life of me, I can't remember the webiste!! Please do adapt the activities according to your local situation. Let me know how it goes ok!


Useful And Fun Activities For Vocabulary And Concept Development

§ To soak up every valuable time in the classroom
§ Can be use competitively; group competitions
§ Used as a form of brainstorming for initial teaching
§ Or as reinforcement
§ Used in relation to concepts and meaningful contexts
§ Vocabulary learning should focus on useable words


1. List the continents of the world.
2. Take a number. Write it. Now make a face out of it.
3. Name as many gems of precious stones as you can.
4. Write the names of all the girls in the class.
5. Name as man teachers in this school as you can.
6. List as many states as you can.
7. How many countries and their capitals can you name?
8. How many baseball teams can you name?
9. Write down as many cartoon characters as you can.
10. List as many kinds of flowers as you can.
11. Turn to your neighbour. One of you tell the other about an interesting experience you have had. The listener must be prepared to retell the story to the class.
12. List all the things in your dorm.
13. Write what you would do if you saw an elephant in the backyard.
14. Name as many kinds of ice-creams as you can.
15. List five parts of the body above the neck that have three letters.
16. List one manufactured item for each letter of the alphabet.
17. List as many nouns in the room as you can.
18. Write the 12 months of the ear correctly. Stand up as soon as you are finished.
19. Make a list of five things you do after school.
20. List one proper noun for each letter of the alphabet.
21. Write one kind of food beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
22. Name as many holidays as you can.
23. Name as many balls as you can that are used in sports games.
24. List as many U.S presidents as you can.
25. List all the work tools you can think of.
26. List as many models of cars as you can.
27. Name all the colours you know.
28. How many animals can you list that begin with vowels?
29. List as many kinds of trees as you can.
30. Name as many countries of the world as you can.
31. List as many personal pronouns as you can.
32. List as many kinds of transportation as you can.
33. How many different kinds of languages can you name?
34. You have five children. Make up their five names.
35. Name as many things as you can that are made of cloth.
36. Name as many things as you can that you can wear on your head.
37. Name as many movie stars as you can. Tell what movies they were in.
38. Name as many television game shows as you can.
39. Name as many politicians as you can.
40. Name as many breeds of dogs as you can.
41. List all kinds of sandwiches that you can.
42. Scramble five spelling words, trade with someone and unscramble them.
43. List as many kinds of soup as you can.
44. List all the places you find sand.


1. Make a list of the 10 largest things you know.
2. Name as many planets as you can.
3. List all the sports you can think of in x minutes.
4. List all the foods you can that have sugar in them.
5. List all the foods you can that have milk in them.
6. Name all the parts of speech given and give an example each.
7. Name as many airlines that you can.
8. Name the different sections of the newspaper that you can.
9. Name as many islands that you can.
10. Name as many kinds of fish that you can.
11. Name all the words you can begin with the prefix in.
12. Name all the countries that have the letter ‘e’ in them.
13. List the things you would buy if you were given RM100.00 gift certificate from Giant.


  1. hmmmm, how interesting.

    Usefull to those who don't have the latest handphone with all the latest gadget and games.

    I always snooze off while waiting for the students to settle down.

    Sometime I went for a chit chat and got myself carried away.

    Fr HH

  2. handphones are not allowed in schools dear. So u can forget the electronics games and instead go for practical games albeit 'traditional' methods!!


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