Sunday, 30 November 2008

What after SPM?

Hi and Salam everyone,

To my students who have just completed the SPM, congrats! You made it to the end hehe. To those who still have a paper or two, persevere and hang on!! I'm sure you have all tried your level best. What's important is you leave everything to God now and enjoy your well-deserved break. I hope all of you received my sms wishing you the very best in your English and EST papers...quite an experience to sms 58 students you know :)

Meantime yours truly has got to get back on track as far as this blog is concerned. Will try to get some serious (uhuh?) things on my blog like methodology, teacher development, language and linguistics materials and no politics, plz, we're Malaysians :) I've been thinking a lot of about all these but TIME or rather the lack of it is the main factor. Excuses as usual. Tell you the truth, it doesn't feel like a holiday because I'm pretty busy as usual, just got back from a week's meeting in kl, curiculum meeting on tues, weddings on the roll, dad's tahlil on the 4th, land office appointment on the third, meeting with the principal tomorrow (not in sequence!)...hehe who says teachers have all the hols??

Well, hope to see you again with some serious academic stuff! Salam and bubye!


  1. Hi Ray,
    U long time no hear fr me,
    me long time no see yaa !! :-)

    My son just got over his SPM and he got an offer from Uni of Nottingham base on his trial exams. Conditional offer of course. Remind me of good old days.

    Ray, what's wrong with politics!!

    Whoever became the next Minister of Education might shape the world or rather Malaya that we leave in.

    The Ministers decision will be the determination factor to the teachers next bonuses. Am I wright?

    Politics is a must, only educational politics, please.

    Fr HH

  2. educational politics eh? hmmm this is news. congrats on ur son's offer. your eldest? meanwhile i already spent the bonus in advance so no bonus for me :)

  3. Hai Bab,

    So you have got yr bonus. No wonder, you levishly spent your hard earn cash on the cat bought in Segamat the other day.
    There you go again, down the drain.

    Not a good educational example..ooop sory.

    My number two son maa.

    If you happen to pass by Gemencheh or Tampin or Alor Gajah this couple of days, you just use your hp and sms, dear.

    Fr HH

  4. hi teacher...miss you so much!! finally, spm is over~ haha. so happy... (:

  5. hi tzyy jiun,
    so it's finally merdeka eh? well, i hope you did well. don't think about it now, you deserve a break. miss u too and the rest of 5s1 and 5s2!! Despite our earlier 'setbacks' i have grown to love all of u do you realise that? will miss u all very much. and sorry i couldn't make it to your fm 5 farewell. really tied up with my exam. do you know that we teachers have to take exams too? hehe. keep in touch girl wherever you are :)


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