Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Green fingers

Salam and hi all.
On my ___ birthday (fib) last 23rd Dec, I was busy gardening away, armed with a hoe and a spade in hand. Time I did some weeding and repotting because my poor plants haven't been taken good care off for a while now. Went to the nursey to get some plants, earth and pots. Poor husband (top) had to deal with a broken pot! He isn;t into gardening frankly but because it was my birthday...Took me a day and a half to complete the whole thing. The sudden downpour interrupted my work but a beautiful rainbow (2nd pict from top)appeared right after that.It just felt great to be outdoors and for my plants to grow in rich new soil.Do you talk to your plants? Well, I do.


  1. hi,its me again, teacher!!!!ur husband sooooooo thoughtful ooooooo.....i very envy leh....hahahaha....i hope teacher can continuously teach eng. at convent school,then we can achieve higher result in every exam!!!!!!pn. rahmah is tne best!!!!!

    +sook leuan+

  2. hi there,
    remember that success comes through hard work ok. teachers are there to guide you but the effort must come from you. Hard work + right attitude = SUCCESS :)


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