Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Glorious Cross-country is back!

Remember how you used to hate the cross-country? Well, it's back and will remain for as long as it can in schools. Reminds me of the good ole days when I ran with the students and my pacemaker was Alisa Ibrahim of Suria. Suria used to be champions and envied by all the other houses. Well, am in Yellow house too in my present school. (Wonder when these names will change! Sounds very primaryish right? wink wink). Anyway, it got to a good start and everyone was motivated. You can do it Yellow House!!
Top pict: Ready to go!
2nd Pict from top: From left- Mona (Yellow House Tai Pan) , Chew, yours truly,Tini, Saro, Salbiah, Fazreena (Counselor) and Anand (our Sports Coordinator)
3rd Pict from top : WINNING LEGS EVERYONE!!
Bottom Pict: Yellow House Captain, Chui Lim and Mona in action. To quote Mr Foo "You can't go down anymore girls. You have to go up! (Yellow House was unfotunately last last year hehe)


  1. [Cheering] Keep going BLUE HOUSE!! Must remain as the champion this year!! Wahahaha~ Sorry teacher, as an ex-blue house captain, i must cheer for my own house!! All the four houses will put up a good fight this year. Good luck teacher(**)


  2. hi,teacher!!!i'm sook leuan....ur blog quite interesting o....hahahahahaha......keep it up!!!!

  3. Hi michelle,
    a real true blue eh?

  4. hi sook leun,
    thanks m still learning..thanks for the encouragement :)

  5. Hi,Pn u remember me?i am Shao Ting.i used in yellow house but sorry i can't get much marks for my team.anyway,yellow house will be the champion this year.GO!KUNING!
    everywhere we go,
    people want to know who we are,
    so we tell them we are from yellow,
    my team my team yellow,
    oh yellow!!!

  6. How dare you!! Shao Ting!! Challenge me! Wait and see who's the champ!! BIRU BIRU! POWER POWER!!

  7. Haha^^teacher. A true hero show no mercy on the "Battle field"...

  8. Hi, teacher ur blog quite nice n i like d space tat show d beautiful scene of many country...
    Very nice!!!! Ya....Blue house is d best.... B I R U biru is d best (x2) O.... Biru.... Gambateh....


  9. hi cell, shao ting an ivy,

    thanks for your messages. don't worry yellow will win. hehe hi shao ting! What took you so long!! welcome on board


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