Friday, 16 January 2009

Happy 55th Birthday!

Today, we cooked up a surprise for Madam Tan, our principal. It was all done in five minutes during the house practice session. Anand, Chin, and I discussed the plan. Yours truly was responsible for making her come to the staffroom during recess and had a juicy story all planned. Madam Tan was visibly surprised and happy. I would like to take this opportunity to wish her Happy Birthday, may her life be filled with happiness and success!


  1. Hai teacher. Just want to inform you that I had received the two books and I'm half way through. Thanks teacher for lending me books. So long...

  2. Sorry teacher, i know our class always forget this things forget that things and i know we always make you angry and sometimes hurt you.... But we reaaly enjoy when teacher teaching... We know we're too playful, if want us to change now need a bit of time, but we will try our best!!!! Sorry teacher, will you forgive us about today things???

  3. hi anonymous,
    ok let's forgive and forget :)

  4. .teacher! i'm sorry too...always forgetful because too playful..but, we promise that the incident will make us always remember our time in school and become more serious after this! we will try oue best!.. :-)-aLS-

  5. hi als,
    hehe, u forgetful girls!!


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