Saturday, 7 February 2009

District English Panel Meeting (6 Feb 2009)

The first district English Panel meeting was held today in SMCC between 3-6p.m. The meeting was chaired by Madam Tan, the Panel's Chairperson. Present with us was En Mahyudin Salim, the Language officer from the PPD who briefed the Heads of Panels on the 2008 PMR English performance. Amongst other things, he urged all schools to consolidate their teaching skills and share their best strategies in the teaching of English. He highlighted the under-performing schools as well and encouraged them to work harder. En Mahyudin also kindly consented to give away tokens of appreciation to WISE module writers. They were Pn Ong Yim Lean (SMK Dato Hj Hassan Yunos), Cik Farhana Omar (SMK Tmn Sri Kluang), Cik Mawarni Othman (SM Convent Kluang), Cik Nor Huda Mad Khaliq Khalish (SMK Kahang Timur), Pn Norazah Ngatiran (SMK Tmn Kluang Barat), Pn Nur Atiffa Atim (SM Belitong), Cik Sam Henda Abd Samad (SMK Teknik), Cik Saraladevi Mogan (SMK Sri Lalang) and Pn Rahmah Hj Sayuti (SM Convent, Kluang). Many thanks to the writers who worked with me to produce the module and to the PPD for its unrelenting support. 22 schools in the district were each given 37 copies of the module.

Two new English GC were also present (Pn Nur Atiffa Atim and En Hafiz from SM Belitong). It is my hope that they will contribute to the district panel in more ways than one. As the Vice-chair of the District English Panel, I briefed the Heads on Panel on the "Classroom Innovation Competition for English Teachers', a new activity for the district. Each school is to send an entry by August this year. Creative teachers should use this platform to share their best practices with other English teachers. It is hoped that the activity will discover and acknowledge creative and innovative teachers who have done a lot in their classrooms but do not have the opportunity to showcase their work.


  1. owh i know about that! congrats to u teacher!! but there's so many moduls were given to the teachers on that day so all of them hv to bring them down by their own..pity them teacher! but lucky thats many of our students helped them^^

  2. hi wareda,
    i hope you were one of them who helped :)

  3. hehe of course im one of them
    im so proud of our girls^^

  4. salam..

    pn rahmah..thanks for the are you? please pray for matter happen you're the best teacher we ever had..although you never teach me..but i you've helped me alot..


  5. salam al-falah,
    Am fine thanks. Welcome to my blog. Hope you are well too. Tx for your kind thought. Be rest assured that I always pray for all my students, old and new. Well, i certainly didn't have the honour of teaching you (what a shame!). I always knew you did well in your cloze tests but strangely you were always in the lower sets! I never told you this but I was very touched by the fact you came to see me when you heard I was leaving (despite the fact that I never taught you). Some students told me that you and the others went to see the principal about me in his office. Wow! I thought that was brave of you. I am still deeply touched. Alhamdulillah, two years later am I'm still kicking!! I never regretted my decision to leave although I would be lying if I told you I didn't miss my old school hehe. You just don't forget your first school after serving for 21 years do you? Well, keep in touch!


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