Sunday, 15 February 2009

Profesional Development 3: SMK Canossian Convent, 14 Feb 2009

Date: 14 Feb 2009
Time: 12.30-2.00 p.m
Venue: Lab 1, SMK Canossian Convent

Today, I conducted a staff development session in Lab 1 for all teachers. The session was to share the following:

1. Action Research: WORDWISE: Using Pictures and Explicit Vocabulary Teaching Strategies to improve 5S1 Descriptive Compositions (State level Champion)
2. An Innovation: Kaedah SJK (Inovative Teacher Award 2008)

It was great to share something with your fellow peers. I hope some tips given to those teachers who are about to conduct their action research were helpful.


  1. owh i know about this
    but do u knoe teacher that actually someone sleeping behind??
    mr wong slept teacher!

  2. he sleeps through everything!! :)


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