Wednesday, 4 February 2009

State Assessment Consultancy Meeting, SM Sains Johor

Today was my second meeting in my former school. Unlike the first one , today I stepped in comfortably. Met old friends in the staffroom, the office staff and the lab assistants. On the way to the meeting room, a group of students from the opposite building suddenly shouted my name. Their poor teacher had to stop teaching! The meeting was chaired by En Mohd Zamri Sabran, Head of Examinations and Assessment Sector, JPN. Amongst activities discussed were a course on item analysis and an assessment seminar in Sept. On the way to lunch, I bumped into Myra, Schumi, Farihin and the others. How they have grown!! A few years back they were Form 1 students but now they are the seniors!! Myra (from Sarawak) and another girl (can't remember her name) cried when they shook hands with me. They could still cry eh? It was great to meet them again and lunch was good too. I must say in many ways this way a great day!


  1. there's no reason why we need to forget you. :)

  2. wow sounds very good to see back ur students^^ glad u happy teacher!

  3. hehe syafiq and hidaz,
    m curious as to who hidaz is anyway. nama samaran tu...

  4. *peace* teacher!
    i think u can guess who is it!

  5. hidaz,
    sorry i really don't know who you are. why the secret :)

  6. owh..finally i found it!!!
    everybody is talkin' about your blog..
    so sad when u moved to convent..
    even u never taught me b4..
    juz a little conversation in set 2[2004 while i'm in form one..]
    really lookin 4ward to c u soon..
    i'm waitin' 4 my spm result this thursday..
    wish me luck..
    gd luck 2 u too..

  7. salam anonymous,
    welcome to my blog. sorry i took so long to reply. what's your name? hope u did well in your spm.


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