Thursday, 16 April 2009

Teacher's Debate, National Level, IAB Jitra, 12-15 April 2009

Salam and hi,
I adjudicated twice in the teacher's debate. Pleased to meet some old friends. The semi-finals and final will be held in Terengganu in May. Met Mala and Zulkifli (see picts) Everything went well except for the nightmare at Alor Setar airport. My name and Nizam's (BM judge) were not listed in the passenger list and the flight was full!! To make matters worse, I was listed as 'no show' when I actually took the flight from Senai despite the 50 min delay!! I was fuming as I had changed my flight home from Senai airport itself. The staff was pretty evasive and made us go back and forth from the office and the check in counter. Thank God, one En Hisham (the manager probably) took notice our our situation and acted promptly. After some waiting, the management sent us to Penang airport by taxi and re routed us from Penang to JB, all expenses paid. I was lucky to have Nizam as company- a well-mannered young man(there are not many around these days!) who carried my notebook until we reached KLIA. Thanks for the company!


  1. salam..

    such a long journey..
    good luck then..

  2. ssalam syafiq,
    hope you're doing well :)


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