Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Reading Week, SM Canossian Convent, Kluang

The Reading Week was officially launched on Monday by the principal, Madam Tan Tong Yar. A book review was conducted by Pn Norliza (Eja) and a huge bookmark was given to the principal to symbolise the importance of reading. Pn Murniyati (4th pict from top) gave a speech to explain the significance of the Reading Week. In conjunction with the week, the library is showcasing its collection of new and interesting books for all to see. I didn't want to miss the chance to view the new books and snap some pictures for my blog. Maybe I should also try to finish that book by Kam Raslan which has been by my bedside for many months now...


  1. hoho u hv the same situation as me teacher^^
    lol i hope i can take a look some new books there...0_o

  2. hi apple,
    funny name but welcome to my blog :)

  3. hi wareda,
    we do eh? hehe

  4. erm,Pn.Rahmah...
    nk kate student entahlah..
    tp kiter sesame hafiz set 2 kt sains sekejap jew cuz then i waz tranferred to set 3..mase tuh f1..f1 di smsj..waa,truly memories wif u..sharing our interest about football..hak3..btw,im always hope and pray that u will happy and kip teaching..huuuu..cuz u r really gud in it..XD sorry cuz using improper eng..

  5. hi apple,
    thanks for still remembering me. football eh? wah so long ago cikgu dah hampir lupa..btw am still am Man U fan hehe..not Chelsea :) what are you doing now? belajar kat mana sekarang? hope you are doing well. keep in touch :)

  6. Hi Rahmah,
    i'm Dixie from singapore and would like to visit Sister Dot of Cannosian convent,kluang.
    can you pls give me directions to get there.


  7. hi dixie,
    well, make sure you get to kluang first from the highway (air hitam exit and turn right). the landmark in kluang is canossian convent sec school by the main road on your left. there is a turning to the left a few hundred meters once u see the school. turn left and just a 100 metres ahead is miriam house on ur right. miriam house is opposite the secondary school. hope this helps!


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