Sunday, 23 August 2009

To 4S1 and 4RC students,
For our next lesson on Monsoon History, have a look at the video below:


  1. Wow teacher, E-learning was implemented in your english classes! How I wish I am still a Form 5 girl. This video clip really help the students to understand the poem better.

    Keep blogging teacher. I'll visit your blog more often in future. If teacher wish to know my life in Tyalors, feel free to have a look at my blog (I truly appreciate if teacher can correct my grammatical errors like bafore^^)

    Best regards,

  2. hi michelle,
    actually i'd love to use more ict in school but it is sooo difficult sometimes- the lcd in 4S1 and 4RC have broken down for some time now. to bring the students to the lab, u have to be very lucky that there are no classes there. i think you know what i mean...sometimes i feel 20 years behind in terms of ict in smcc. small wonder 90% of teachers just chalk and talk :)


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