Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Innovative Classroom Teaching Competition, Kluang District, 15 August 2009

Innovative Classroom Teaching Competition
Date: 15 August 2009
Venue: PKG Kluang

On this day, the district English Panel organised the above competition at the PKG. It was a pleasure to see teachers presenting their ideas on what they do in the English classroom. This competition was my brainchild as I thought the JKD should move to a different level instead of taking the usual path of organising routine activities such as debates, public-speaking and courses for teachers. I wanted to see more 'teacher talk' on what they do in the classrooms. We had a teacher who just started teaching for less than a month taking part and one who has taught for 30 years! It was wonderful to see them share their ideas. It wasn't easy to organise this competition but SMK Teknik Kluang did a very good job!. Although we only had 11 entries (11 schools) from the expected 22, it was a great success.

I could see that English teachers actually do a lot for their students but there wasn't any platform for them to share. Since this was the first time we had such a competition, there were of course some weaknesses that can be improved upon. Perhaps the word 'competition' should be removed altogether because many teachers were afraid the moment they heard it was a competition. Then there was the technical aspects to be looked into. Nevetheless, I think it was worth it and I'd like to congratulate those who were brave and positive enough to take part. The audience certainly enjoyed the whole session, judging from their laughter. This couldn't have happened without the MC's (En Moideen) hilarious jokes! I only feel sorry for those who were negative about the whole idea- it's a lost on their part really. I understand it's not easy to change teacher's mindset, particularly when they are in their comfort zones. This was the challenge I had to undertake as the Vice-Chair. All's well that ends well. The video still needs editing and I will upload as soon as it's ready. My principal has also agreed to show it in our next panel meeting. The winners certainly deserve a mention:

1st: Pn Maimumah Begum (SMK SEDARA)
2nd: Pn Latifah (SMK Simpgang Renggam)
3rd: Pn Farah(SMK Dato Hj Hassan Yunos)

1st: SMK Taman Sri Kluang (Jazz Chants)
2nd: STK (Web Quest)
3rd: SM Teknik (SVA)

Many thanks to SMK Teknik as the organising school, judges, En Mahyudin (Language Officer), Madam Tan Tong Yar (Chairperson, District English Panel, and Mr Kan Sui Seng (retired English teacher).


  1. Maimunah (SDARA)18 August 2009 at 22:14

    Salam Kak Rahmah, congratulations for your good intention to share new ideas among teachers. Not only that, I believe your idea should be disseminated to all teachers regardless of subjects in this district. Lets together all of us find new ideas for our classroom practice.

  2. ts for the motivation maimunah

  3. anymore such competition being carried out especially with the 21st Century Learning hype going on?


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