Saturday, 8 August 2009

'Learning To Lead Change Course', IAB Genting

Date: 2-7 August 2008
Venue: IAB Genting

Top pict: from left-madam chong, hjh marmining, me, yati and liza
2nd from top: from left- hjh marmining, madam chong, me and tn hj wan ibrahim
3rd from top: what should i do with them? (team-building)
4th from top: team-building in action
5th from top: madam chong concentrating real hard
6th from top: me presenting under real stress!(ptk essays due soon and skt to be submitted at the same time to pengarah huhu)
Bottom: Liza the baby in the group

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learn I did! NO regrets going for it and thanks to my principal, Madam Tan for allowing me to go. Drove with Kak Min to the course and at least now I can confidently say I can drive to iab :) Met many new friends like Ain from Selangor, Yati from Sabah, Liza from Bdr Tenggara and Madam Chong (principal of SMK Sultan Ibrahim, Kulai- my alma mater)although the turnout for the course was rather disappointing (only 12 out of the expected 20) However, the 12 of us made full use of the lecturers and there was a lot of room for q and a. I probably asked too many questions hehe but I just love intellectual sessions! For the record the course components were:

Managing Change (sharpened my knowledge on this. Dr Yusof's session was excellent!)
Team building
Capacity Building (I love this one too!)
IQ, EQ, SQ (Hj Asnil's session was so so...)
Leading change
Handling Conflict
Continuous Professional Development ( This was great!)
Leadership for Change

Although I have conducted most of these sessions myself under the MTDP programme, I actually learnt a lot from the input received. I definitely sharpened my skills in using Diamond 9 as a tool in training. My principal expects me to share in our professional development next year but for the time being, my ptk essay overules everything! Wish me luck!


  1. Hi

    Still being the superwoman that I know you to be. Where do you actually draw all that energy from? Is there a generator somewhere in there. You are just radiating.
    Wish you were my teacher

  2. hi teachuhman,
    wassup? been some time eh. hope ur in good health. hehe this ain't any superwoman. just need to learn something new..keep in touch man

  3. Maimunah (SDARA)15 August 2009 at 22:05

    Hi Kak Rahmah, Congratulations to you for being a great motivator for all the English teachers around the District of Kluang. You are really capable and Allah has given you all the energy to help others. You'l be a great leader one day. Keep up your good work..... Wish to learn a lot from you...he...he....

  4. hi maimunah,
    thanks for your kind thoughts. Alhammdulillah, i feel blessed and if u think i have motivated u in any way, i must thank God too for the ability to do that :) congrats for winning the competition!


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