Thursday, 13 August 2009

Now for a breather..

Salam and hi,
Now i can breathe a little with my ptk essays and skt taken care off. The past two weeks was horrid! First it was the two ptk repeat exam that I had to take. It clashed with my IAB course so I could only look at it at night. Mind you it's no small feat writing two essays and to raise the level to evaluation was the real challenge. The questions were easy but the level was not. Then in the middle of the course, I received a phone call from Unit Naik Pangkat JPN Johor asking me to send my SKT by the 14th. Oh boy! To make matters worse, I had a cold (no , not H1N1 thank God) and was given two days MC. Not to mention the backache I suffered for sitting in front of my notebook for days!! Well, am so glad i posted everything this morning. If you think I am complaining , well yes! Getting rid of the ptk essays and the SKT was a sort of cartharsis...I was really pleased with my principal's evaluation of my current performance (96%) though. What more can I ask? I hope i will pass my ptk this time round :) Tomorrow we have 'makan-makan' in the staffroom and I am looking forward to it. I've ordered the chicken rice and some teachers will bring kuih dan fruits. It's a breather alright and don't we all need it?

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