Saturday, 22 August 2009

Reading Club 3

I've used this book as a resource for as long as I can remember. It gives an invaluable source of ideas for language teachers. It contains resources of over 130 short activities for the language classroom. As an English teacher I find the activities useful especially in helping students and teachers:
* learn or practise particular aspects of language
* get to know each other
* provide a smooth transition between two major parts of a lesson
* supplement a coursebook
* introduce or round off lessons
As a teacher, you will need to adapt the materials to suit your classes of different levels of ability. However,many examples are provided with additional suggestions for variations or extensions of the basic activity. Good luck!


  1. dear madam,
    may i know who is the writer please?thank you. -cikyah75-

  2. hi cikyah75,
    the authors are penny ur and andrew wright :)


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