Monday, 28 September 2009

Back to Work

After all the 'rendang', 'ketupat' and raya cookies(and the extra pounds), welcome back to WORK!! Yes, drag that feet!! Am off to Kl this week for a literature course. Looking forward to this course as I have been out of action with CDC for years now. We are building training modules for the new literature component in 2010. Am thrilled to bits to be a part of this.


  1. Hai teacher,

    Selamat Hari Raya.

    Nice slideshows you have there.

    Adibah, a very beautifull daughter indeed. Like her mother.:-)

    Bapa nyer x nampak pun. :-)

    Fr HH

  2. hi hh,
    selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin. well, she has defintiely grown..hehe. ayahnya sibuk makan rendang kat dapur!!


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