Friday, 18 September 2009

Strategic Planning 2010-2012 Meeting

Date: 16th September 2009

The 2nd Strategic Planning meeting for the school was conducted in the library today where the heads of each unit presented their plans to the steering committee and feedback was given. Being true to myself, I was rather vocal. Then there was that deafening silence! Have you ever felt awkward and uncomfortable in some meetings? Well, this was one such meeting. Perhaps it was the heat as the weather had been very trying the past few days. Some teachers remained quiet throughout the whole meeting. Here's my two-cents worth. I think such discussions are very important to allow teachers to grow and develop. Even if the culture was non-existent in the past, well, we have to start somewhere... Going through the process of discussion and negotiation is very important for a teacher's growth even if the plans are not taken up by the school at the end of it all! The teacher on his part must take interest and participate. All in all, this was a good start to develop that culture of asking and giving opinions and listening to other people's point of view. I was pleased to see the usually quiet ones speaking albeit one or two sentences!

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