Saturday, 3 October 2009

12,000 hits and growing!

Thanks for the support. I hope to upload and share more materials in the future. Blogging is soooo addictive but time-consuming :) If only I don't do anything else, I will probably blog the whole day :)(this coming from an addicted blogger). To those who have benefitted from my blog and have left me comments and sent me emails, thanks very much. I love the professional interaction and sharing. To those who are still shy, well, there's no reason to be. To those who conveyed to me that they were inspired by what I write, I hope to inspire more.

*Do leave your comments on how I can improve my blog thanks.


  1. Congratulation !!

    Fr HH

  2. oooopp !

    U want a comment on how U can improve further.

    How about more on "How to cook in 2minutes" for the mom.

    or something for the Pa.

    Something Informatives.

    More Downloads on English papers and answers.

    "HOW TO ...."
    1- answers
    2- cook in 2 minutes

    If u ain't got enought,
    pls tell me. More will be coming :-)

    Fr HH


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