Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sharing the Expertise

Date: 23 October 2009 (3-5pm)
Venue: Dewan Kuliah, SM Agama Kluang

Once again I returned for a talk in SMKA Kluang.. (this is my 5th year I think). Madam Hasnidah is a good friend and Miss Rafkah was my x- student, so turning them down was very difficult..As a matter of fact, the talk was supposed to be held before Ramadhan but had to be postponed due to certain matters. I was happy to be with the 96 students and as usual, they were responsive and focussed. 96 is such an ideal number unlike my school where we have 172 candidates this year. All the best in your SPM boys and girls!


  1. salam
    can i know the title of the song of your blog?

  2. hi anonymous,
    it's called 'Thank You' by dido, a british singer.


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